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Oh, sweet Zero... I've realized something. We don't have to be scared of this world. Because once I destroy it... there won't be a world to be scared of anymore. This entire world will sing for me! Zophiel, come to me!
— Four, Drakengard 3

Zophiel, or Jophiel, is a dragon who is Four's daemon and protector. Four found a dragon for herself and transformed it into a daemon much like One's Gabriel, hence the resemblance.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ending Paths

Branch D: Flower
Zophiel is summoned by a deranged and giddy Four to combat Zero and Mikhail. Following its defeat in battle, Zophiel plummets to the ground leaving Four to fend for herself.

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  • Zophiel means "God's Watchman."
  • Zophiel's design is similar to Gabriel's.