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Zhangpo's Axe is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Possesses a great variety of attacks, but tests the wielder's skills.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Vermillion Cell: A fireball that shoots magic arrows that burn the enemy.


Drakengard 2[]

  • After Chapter 4, Verse 9 - Free Mission: Fire Cavern Fortress (Chest Item).


Drakengard 2[]

  • Tornado Dance: The standard seven-hit attack combination of all axes.
  • Fury's Outburst: A short, but powerful, attack combination where Urick sprints forward, slowly winds up, then spins his axe in a powerful 360-degree motion.
  • Shatterheaven Blast: An attack combination where Urick flips forward while smashing his axe into the ground twice.
  • Evil's Downfall: An attack combination that Urick ends by running forward, slashing enemies in his path.

Weapon History[]

Level 1

In a small village, a man lived with his pet mouse in a shack. He was a kindly soul, but the other villagers mistrusted him because his face had been disfigured since birth. In spite of their prejudice, he harbored no bitterness towards them, smiling even when children threw stones at him.

Level 2

Secretly the villagers schemed to drive their unsightly neighbor away. So they claimed that his mouse damaged their crops, and captured it one day. While he wandered the forest searching for his little companion, they cut off its head, and laid its body on his doorstep.

Level 3

When the poor man returned to his shack, he saw that his only friend in the world had been murdered. With a howl of despairing rage, he took his axe and decapitated each of the villagers in turn, piling their heads in the center of the common. To add another to the pile, he then cut off his own, and the axe tumbled from his lifeless grasp.

Level 4

When it was finally retrieved from its grizzly resting place, the axe’s blade had been dried red by the villagers’ blood. Lieutenant Zhangpo, whose pact cost him the pleasure of eating, may have tried to replace the loss sensation with the joy of butchering foes with this


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