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Zero's Blade is Zero's default weapon in Drakengard 3.


  • Default Weapon


  • 8-hit
  • Aerial 3-hit
  • Forward Spinslash: PS Square Button PS Triangle Button
  • Rising Spinslash: PS Square Button (PS Square Button) PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button One or two normal attacks followed by a spinning slash that launches enemies upwards. Can be followed with another aerial attack.
  • Maximum Spinslash: PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button
  • Helmcrusher: (Midair) An attack which slashes frontwards spinning in midair. Small attack area with high damage. Can slam launched enemy onto the ground.

Weapon History[]

Level 1
From the moment I was born, there was nothing. That's how I wound up with the name Zero.

Level 2
I tried and failed to find value in my life. Even religion failed me, for I would have sooner fought and killed a god than pray to it.

Level 3
I took lives and felt nothing. I killed without regret. Right? Wrong? Sin? Redemption? I couldn't even work up the emerge to care.

Level 4
Like a child, I waited and hoped. Hoped for the moment when this sad shell of a life would finally be over.


  • Due to its effect against Intoners, it is possible that the sword is made from the bones of a dragon.
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