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Guardian of the District of Precious Light, and pact partner of the earth spirits, the Gnomes. Even before his pact, Yaha's beauty was so stunning that he could be mistaken for a woman. Since making his pact with the Gnomes, his good looks become so striking that those who look upon him lose the ability to think rationally. But the price of this pact, and the adoration it brought, was that he could never again feel pleasure...
— Official Website Description

Yaha is a member of the Knights of the Seal and Guardian of the District of Precious Light. He was considered a friend of Urick whom he served in the Knights of the Seal with. His pact partner were the Gnomes.


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Beauty, it is my sin.
— Yaha

Yaha grew up in an orphanage along with Urick, whom he loved ever since. Having been one of the main members of the order, Yaha was made a guardian to the District of Precious Light containing the Holy Crystal. He was a friend of Urick, but their relationship quickly ended after Yaha made a pact with the Gnomes. The price was his "luster."

Yaha is one of the five lieutenants of the Knights. He is soft spoken and dripping with sensuality (in his words, "an excess of charm"). His soul is tied to the Holy Crystal of Hallowed Light, key of the District of Precious Light.

True to his name as the guardian of light, Yaha is a master of illusions and deceit. The Citadel of Light, Yaha's castle, is a myriad of illusions and puzzles, including fake walls, inexplicable winds, and magical cooridors. Urick warns the party not to look into Yaha's eyes: "Don't look into his eyes, he'll trick you with his lies... it's the power given to him by the pact-beast. Or maybe it's the price he had to pay..."

During the party's fight with Yaha, he claims that one reason he became a pact partner was to make himself attractive for Urick, seeing him as more than a friend. However, Urick rejected him even then. Yaha continues to try and seduce him, as well as Nowe, in the heat of battle.

He is eventually defeated and the district key is destroyed. After his death, Urick laments that perhaps the two of them would still have been friends had Yaha not rushed into a pact to make a name for himself in the Knights of the Seal.

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Dengeki Online conducted a follow up interview series to their character popularity poll with series's producer Takamasa Shiba and series's character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka. Shiba specifically wanted ROLLY to be cast for Yaha. He believes the trendy voice actor and his design have aged well over the years.



  • Yaha can tell what a person is into sexually at a glance. Especially men.
  • It's never extensively discussed what changes occurred to Yaha's being by sacrificing his "luster". From his own comments during his battle, it seems that his Pact resulted in a state where no other person (male or female) would be attracted to him. If that is the case, his "luster" likely refers to any inherent characteristics that made him attractive to others. As such, after forming his Pact he likely only retains his most unappealing characteristics.
  • Urick claims that making eye contact with Yaha will cause you to succumb to his illusionary abilities. However, when battling The Gnomes, Yaha comments on the characteristics of Nowe's eyes. This could indicate that as The New Breed, Nowe possesses some immunity to such a power (and possibly other powers granted to one through Pacts). Alternatively, it could simply mean that one has to make mutual direct eye contact for Yaha's illusionary powers to have any effect on the target.
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