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Stupid wyverns. Just a buncha low-class dragon wannabes! They can't even talk! Or understand language! And don't get me started on those pathetic wings...
— Mikhail

Wyverns are common sky enemies in Drakengard 3. Despite resembling dragons, they are slithering, flying serpents rather than tetrapods, and they lack intelligence and the ability to speak or understand language. 


Wyverns look very similar to dragons, with notable differences being the shape of their wings and tails, and the lack of legs, appearing more like serpents. Wyverns come in many different colors, often correlating to there size; with blue wyverns being smaller and the red ones being very large.


Wyverns are used by the Intoners throughout the events of Drakengard 3 as pawns to defend the skies from enemy threats. Four uses Wyverns to hold her Watcher, Armaros, afloat. Three uses the wyverns to carry a magic circle she uses to summon Ezrael. They also are seen used by One to defend the Cathedral City in the sky. 


Wyverns have the same abilities as dragons, being able to fly and breath fire. However, according to Mikhail, they aren't intelligent, meaning some of them will resort to throwing boulders at their enemies as a primary means of attack.


  • Despite his unprecedentedly kind nature, Mikhail has a hatred of wyverns. 
  • In European myths, wyverns are depicted having wings, two hind legs, and no front legs. Meanwhile, dragons have four legs and wings. Drakengard's wyverns are more akin to amphipteres, a legless, winged serpent from european heraldry.