Drakengard Wiki
Recognition Range: 2m
Movement Speed: 16.5km/h
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds
Attack Probability: 30%
Block Probability: 10%
Red Armor: No

Wraiths are a type of enemy in Drakengard.

In Drakengard, wraiths are evil spirits from hell summoned by a necromancer. They give off a pale blue light and appear dressed in a ripped cloak. They attack with simple blows. They're drawn to large movements.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
HP 18 34.2 52.2 70.2
EXP 10 24 34 41
Attack Strength 4 6 10 21
Defense Strength 13 29.9 42.9 52

After Caim and Verdelet reach the desert seal, wraiths rise from the ground and attack them.

They appear again when a child conscript is rescued by Leonard, and then summons them while his back is turned. Caim manages to banish the evil spirits back killing the children that summoned them.