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Stop reading! I thought this sounded familiar… it’s a weapon story I penned myself! My fan weapon story! How embarrassing! No, no more of that.
— Accord, Accord's Novella

Weapon Histories in Drakengard, Drakengard 2 and Drakengard 3 are presented within the weapons obtained and discovered by the protagonist throughout their adventure. These weapons are accompanied by their own unique histories that suggest the weapon's namesake, histories that elaborate further on their effects and histories that tell of the countless individuals, persons, events and things embroiled within the midst of Midgard. Furthered and elaborated histories are acquired upon leveling a weapon to the next level.

The following is a list of the weapon histories from various weapons appearing within Drakengard, Drakengard 2 and Drakengard 3.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Name Drakengard Drakengard 2 Drakengard 3
Apostate's Misery

There was once a wind spirit who fell in love with a mortal man. Though it was against all the laws of her race, each day she allowed her love and passion to grow.

The spirit was condemned to death for the betrayal of her race. The Lord of Spirits sent vassals to carry out the sentence, armed with a bardiche enchanted to slay spirits.

Sensing that her life was in danger, the spirit made one last visit to the man she loved, then fled through the forests and seas and mountains, pursued all the while by her would-be executioners.

Some years later, a healthy young boy was seen playing around the village. This remarkable boy could control the very winds. His father never told him who his mother was...

The young man was popular with everyone in the village. He had the ability to control the wind, and was often seen flying over rivers and valleys. He was a cheerful boy, though he always seemed be troubled by something.

Several years later, his father passed away. Before he died, he told his son about the young man’s mother, whom his son had learned never to mention in his presence.

“Go to the place marked on the map.” said his father. As if guided by a spirit, the young man took up his scythe and left, carried by the wind.

How long had he been traveling? Over the forests, oceans and mountain Ranges he flew. Exhausted and frail, He came at last to a village.

The chief of the village welcomed the young man and told him that the scythe he was carrying had once belonged to the village. Just then, a beautiful woman entered the room. The young man knew at once that she was his mother. From that day forth, he helped keep peace between humans and wind spirits. The scythe was never used again.

Not Available
Azure Arms Not Available Not Available

Let me sing. Let me dance. Within the cold water at the bottom of the sea. Because I am in love. Because I drown in you.

Let me hope. Let me pray. For your heart to spy mine and your feelings to melt. As I swim in the water. As I float in the sea.

Let me curse. Let me wail. If you reach that place where the water god cannot see. And another voice finds you. And a new woman holds you.

Let me sink. Let me wait. Until your eyes close and your breathing stops. We want you for ourselves. We want to end you all.

Azure Cleaver Not Available Not Available

The small island was surrounded on all sides by the sea. It was a quiet place, blessed by beautiful, verdant nature. And once, it was where violent criminals were sent to die.

Atop a cliff was a grave etched with a bladed blue ring. Fresh flowers covered it every day. "Who lies here?" the young boy asked. "A criminal," responded the old man.

"Then why the flowers?" asked the boy. "Because," said the man, "He led a revolution in an effort to improve the lives of all. Here he led a pure life, and here he finally died."

And with that, the old man fell silent and gazed out to sea. The grave's blue ring reflected the blue of the sky, while the waves added a dark tone to the sharpened blade.

Balberith's Tears

Balberith is the demon who seals all pacts between devils and humans. His evil contracts sends ill-fortuned men and women one after the other into hell.

One time, Balberith fell in love with a human woman. This woman's father was very sick, and she appealed to the demons to save her father.

But Balberith knew that with a contract, she would be thrown into hell and lost to him forever. He thought and thought, and at last decided that he himself would go to hell in her place.

But when he hurried to the girl's home, he found the father dead; the girl's lifeless body lay beside him, as if in sleep. Ignorant of death, the demon tried to shake her awake, over and over again.

Not Available Not Available
Captain's Guard Not Available Not Available

I have gladly pledged loyalty to the king across time. No matter how hellish the fight or reckless the order,I have risked all to protect king and country.

But the king has lost his life in battle. He was young, and newly crowned lord, he left behind no descendants. Who will I ever serve now?

Wailing over such things will achieve nothing. My only job is to protect my country. My only mission is to serve my king.

So I search. I search for a new body to replace the long-shattered muscle and bone that resided in this armor. I search for a new king worthy of wearing me.

Ceremonial Blade Not Available Not Available

The prince I serve was destined to lead our nation. But alas, we had been nearly destroyed in an unjust war; betrayed from within, and left to wither and die.

The prince I serve grew into a strong, handsome young man. After much grueling toil, he rebuilt our land and became its king. It was a wonderful, wonderful land.

But that land is long gone.You will find it on no map. And my king fell when his nation was defeated.

My king kept his ceremonial blade close. And to the very end, he never suspected me. It remains a regret of mine. ...Ah, but no matter. It's just a silly little story now.

Crimson Impalers Not Available Not Available

The monster's body was covered in terrible spines. One day, a small bird landed nearby and spoke with the monster. More than anything, the monster wished to touch its new friend.

Soon, the monster decided to remove the spines, though it caused terrible pain. The monster screamed for seven days and nights, terrorising villagers at the foot of the range.

The villagers feared the monster was going to invade, so on the seventh night, they climbed the mountain with weapons in hand, where they found a pile of bloody spines.

In the center of the pile was a strange creature that had died during the night. By its side, a small bird with red-stained wings gently nuzzled the creature and cried.

Darklord's Flame Not Available Not Available

The words of the curse dug themselves into my ears. The hate hidden in justice's shadows became a poison.

The overwhelming light stole away my vision. Under the banner of freedom and liberty, a dark shadow is cast.

I lost my voice in the face of never-ending despair. How could hope have been so extinguished?

I strain to bury deprivation with my mind's new justice. The chaos of war shall burn it anew; it is only a matter of time.

Darkseal Order
(Cent's Main Weapon)
Not Available Not Available

He is a great and powerful king.

Do not tell him what to do.

It is a vast and evil power.

Do not attempt to unravel it.

He is a strong and fearsome foe.

Do not challenge him to battle.

He is a small and tender child.

Do not disturb him yet.

Deathly Briars Not Available Not Available

Sing! Sing! Sing! Let me sing, let me sing, let me sing! Of the seas, of the skies, of my hopes, of my prayers!

Spin! Spin! Spin! Let me dance, let me dance, let me dance! Happy dances, beautiful dances, sad dances, ugly dances!

Huff! Huff! Huff! Let me gasp, let me gasp, let me gasp! In the rain, in my dreams, in battle, in sheer ecstasy!

Prick! Prick! Prick! Let me stab, let me stab, let me stab! In your skin, in your eyes, in your tears, in your screams!

Eternal Voice Not Available Not Available

A visitor? Ah, yes. Come hear the song, then. The innkeeper and her daughter will greet you warmly. Their food and drink is without compare, and the girl is a feast for the eyes.

The girl's song is the best thing about the place. A single listen will drive all your troubles away. Did you know she has a sister? Ah, if only they sang a duet...

Welcome back, traveler! It's been a while. Come to see the girls again? You certainly do like them! It's been decades since I first told you of them, and yet here you are again.

What's that, traveler? You wonder why the girls never age? Ha ha ha! Those are the children of the girls you once knew! Surely you didn't think they were immortal! ...Did you?

False Pact Not Available Not Available

One of the villagers was a compulsive liar. He bandied a sword about carelessly, boasting of his demon-slaying exploits. Soon he had lost the truth of all his peers.

One day, a traveler arrived asking the way to a lair of demons. The villagers were silent, but the great liar spoke. "Have no fear!" he said. "I will lead you to the demons' den!"

The man lied and lied, and each time the traveler believed him, they became more lost. But when the liar finally showed the true path, he was forced to save the traveler from the demon.

"I finally told the truth," said the dying liar, "and now I must pay for it." The traveler slayed the demon, became a hero, and has carried his new-found friend's sword ever since.

Feral King's Wildblade Not Available Not Available

Ah! You have a key eye for quality, sir. This sword comes from a far-off land. Know you the tale? A young man slew a horrid beast, and grew so renowned, the king became mad with envy.

The king sent him on an impossible quest, and the young man fell to the very monsters he was meant to slay. His sister pleaded for his remains, but all she received was his sword.

The sister became the king's mistress, and she used the sword to murder him before turning it on herself. And now the blade is used to exact revenge on... Sir? Are you okay?

What's with that sword in your hand? ...Revenge you say? B-But I'm just a weapons merchant! My sword didn't kill your family! It's just a blade! Just a... No! Stop! Wai-

Final Knell Not Available Not Available

This is the story of a spear that fell into the hands of a certain man. The man did not realize that his time in this world was growing short. ...But the spear knew.

The man loved the sound the spear emitted, but did not know it was the weapon warning him of his impending doom. Alas, the man died in combat, the spear echoing out across the wastes.

This is the story of one man's end. A cold, stiff body, and next to it, a spear, quietly mourning the death of its five hundred and sixty-eight master.

The spear waits for the day its cries can once again ring out. It has seen the end of countless masters across an ocean of time, and even today still waits for the next.

Gaia's Flame Not Available
Guardian's Oath Not Available

Oath the First: Be prepared to sacrifice all for the sake of his majesty. Always pursue justice, even at the cost of your life.

Oath the Second: Always strive to eliminate evil from this world. Never surrender, though the battle may seem lost.

Oath the Third: Allow no evil to go unchecked, no matter how small. Show no mercy to criminals, be they man, woman, or child.

Oath the Fourth: Any who commit evil are equally deserving of death. Be they king or pauper, death is the only answer.

Imperial Claws Not Available

The new nation spread across a bountiful landscape, but it was home to a vast, destructive war. The old retainers muttered under their breath, cursing the brash young king.

I care not for the past", said the king. "No matter how hard, we must move on and bring fortune to the land!" And so he began a never-ending war against their neighbours.

The land's resources filled the kingdom's coffers for a time, bringing prosperity to all. But eventually the land began to run dry, and the people grew weary of war.

Despite the losses and deaths, the king refused to give up. He would not cede the promised land, no matter the cost. ...I shall save what happened next for another time.

Imperial Fang Not Available
Imperial Tears Not Available Not Available

The fertile land was fought over time and again, spawning mountains of corpses. The young lord, who had watches the previous king die, gave an order:"Burn it to the ground."

No nobleman or peasant opposed him. The fires were set. The green trees burned. The animals scattered. And the land the previous king had sworn to save was reduced to ash.

When the flames finally died, the land was sealed and declared an eternal neutral zone. Over decades, it regained its beauty, but a single spear still resided deep within.

It was once a sword, obtained by the king who had sworn to protect the land. But it was reforged into a spear by his ruinous successor, and was now rusted beyond recognition. What became of this once promising land? None can say.


This sword is forged of a granite that burns red with eternal heat. Only those who enjoy the protection of the moon god, ruler of the cool night, may dare grasp the handle.

Legend tells of a great warrior who carried this sword into battle. Roaring a battle cry, he charged into the fray, where a hundred enemy archers struck him through with a thousand arrows.

Yet not a drop of blood flowed from his wounds, and though arrows pierced his heart, his strength failed him not. His army was the victor on that day.

With the battle won, the warrior returned to camp. But in the instant he laid down his sword, he froze as cold and as still as ice. The protection of the moon god had finally claimed his life.

The sword made of marble emits a fierce chill and quietly awaits its owner.

The legend told that the marble sword could freeze even its owner's age. It continues to wait patiently.

The marble sword continued to wait. So long it waited - long enough to freeze time.

The sword had waited for so long that surely even the warmth of human blood could not awaken it now. The only thing what could be said for sure is that the frozen face of its wielder would be reflected in its blade.

Not Available
Once a Woman Not Available
Robber King

In a kingdom of the Union, a general beloved by the common people slew the wicked queen that had taken power when the king had died.

The general came from the lowest classes, making a living as a murderer and highwayman. After killing his fifteenth victim, he was at last captured by the authorities.

Judgement was swift; the sentence was death. But the general had a great advantage--he was an extraordinarily handsome man. When the queen saw him, she could not bear to have him killed.

She gave the general all her love, but her love turned to obsession. She became his prisoner, and he took her throne. People who knew him came to call him Robber King.

At the end of a long battle, the rebel leader finally pierced the tyrannical king’s heart with his spear. As he drew his last breath, the army of the revolution poured into the castle. Now the land would be free of corruption, and peace would return. The victorious rebel smiled at the thought, but his smile was short-lived.

The last battle perplexed him. The king offered no resistance - it almost seemed as if he gave his life willingly. But would a corrupt king do that? While he pondered over this, his allied called for him to come to the dead king’s chamber.

There he found the princess, bound and gagged. His allies quickly explained that they had found her like this. Feeling rather bemused, he removed the her gag and heard the truth: she had been taken hostage by a spy from a nearby land, and used as a leverage to force her father to sabotage his own kingdom."He was no tyrant!" she cried.

Moving as if to free her from her bonds, the rebel drew his knife and then slit the princess’s throat. Whether or not her father had been a tyrant did not matter now. All that mattered was that the angry masses had risen up to remove a corrupt king. The truth was buried with the princess’s body and her murderer was crowned that day.

Not Available
Saintly Brimstone Not Available
Skald's Song

There were two sisters who were renowned as the greatest swordsmiths in the kingdom. No matter who challenged them, none could make a finer sword.

One day, a wandering bard visited their home. He sang with a voice so beautiful that the gods wept to hear it, and both sisters fell deeply in love with the kind and gallant skald.

Each of them set about making the most magnificent sword, so that they might win his love. But their bitter rivalry led them to make only dull and brittle blades.

Seeing their discord, the skald offered to take both of them as his brides. With their rivalry ended, together the sisters crafted this magnificent sword and named it Skald's Song.

In a cold land to the north, there lived two sisters who loved each other very much. They made their living as blacksmith and owned a little workshop in the village. One day, they were working hard as usual when a villager ran in, and told them that their mother - who had been missing since they were little – had been found!

The sister’s mother was trapped inside a glacier on the top of a mountain, as beautiful as the day she disappeared. The sisters tried to destroy the glacier, but none of their smithing tools could make any impression on the iron-hard glacial ice.

When nothing else showed any sign of working, one of the sisters said, "Sister, what about one of our swords?" So they too their finest creation, Skald’s Song, and swung it at the glacier. As the blade touched the ice, there was a mighty explosion and the sisters found themselves in the loving arms of their long lost mother.

"How you’re both grown!" Their mother had survived inside the glacier for all that time. The sisters cried tears of joy and talked so their mother for days on end.

When they finally got up to leave, their mother made no attempt to stop them. They were, after all, smiths who commanded fire.

Not Available
Spear of Empathy Not Available Not Available

In a poor nation lived two knights: one clad in ivory armor, the other in ebon black. They battled to bring fortune to the land, while occasionally sharing dreams over a skin of wine.

But over time, they quarreled. The ebon knight began to distrust his despotic king, while the ivory knight strove to keep hiss oath. And soon, the friends became bitter rivals.

One day, a cadre of knights held a coup against the cruel king, led by the ebon knight. But the ivory knight slew his companion and quelled the rebellion, earning much fame and fortune.

The ivory knight calmed his king's despotic nature, and was given an ornate spear as a reward. But he refused, and instead insisted on using the spear that had slain his onetime friend.

Three's Scissors
(Three's Main Weapon)
Not Available Not Available

My name is Three, I'm the fourth eldest of the Intoners. In what order was I made?

Heh heh... You're such an adorable little doll. Here, let me just patch you up with some of my expert stitching, hmm?

Oh? Did you lose a limb or two? Don't you worry, little doll. I'll fix you up good as new. I'll fix you up as many times as it takes...

One, two, three, four, five, six... Heh heh heh... Another little doll to join my menagerie!

Thunder Lord Not Available Not Available

Once there was a hellish wasteland covered by thundering skies. It changed hands countless times, and its people were tormented by unending hunger and merciless lightning.

One day, a valiant young baron swore to conquer the land and turn it into a place of bounty. Few of his exhausted subjects believed him. Some even laughed openly.

The baron had forged a fine sword of silver, then ordered a group of virgins to pray for three days and nights. Atop a hill, he raised the sword high, then thrust it into the ground.

After a stormy night, the sky cleared. The young baron was gone, and a fruit tree stood on the hill with the silver sword entangled in its branches. It still rumbles to this day.

Tyrant's Playthings Not Available Not Available

The land was ruled by an empress witch who used magic powers to govern her people. She was a cruel, oppressive ruler who took joy in slaughtering innocents at random

But the empress was restless. Torturing victims, drinking fine wines as they screamed... It was fun, yes, but even fun grows wearisome when repeated too often.

Many would-be-heroes came to the castle, united by dreams of my death. The first few were enjoyable enough, but now it's just a chore. They're all so simple-minded!

If no hero is strong enough to defeat me, I'll just have to make one myself. I need a strong child. A terrifying hero. One with enough power to topple his own mother...

Union Not Available

In his instructions to the royal sword smith, the king demanded that his new sword should combine the fang of a behemoth, the beak of a gryphon, the talon of a dragon, and iron from the eastern lands.

Though he knew the task would be long and arduous, the faithful smith vowed to make the weapon and set out to find the materials right away.

Clearly, the smith needed help, but no traveling companion could be found. Nor was it any surprise that no one rose to the challenge; it was because the kingdom was weak that the king had searched the library to find a sword powerful enough to protect his subjects. This was no mere whim, the smith knew – he had to find a way.

So, the sword smith traveled alone, But two months passed without any progress. Navigating the monster infested wilderness was proving to be difficult and he was close to despair. It was then that a hero of the time happened to pass by, and, after listening to the smith’s tale, he agreed to lend a much needed hand. The two fought on together.

After countless adventure, the faithful smith forged the king’s sword. Sadly, it did not possess as much power as the king had hoped, but he was still elated with it.

Using the power of the sword, the king kept the monsters at bay and continued to rule the land. The smith was duly knighted and served his king for many happy years.

Not Available
Virginal Sin Not Available
Widow's Sin Not Available Not Available

Once, there was a girl and two boys who were friends. One boy went to work as a landscaper; the other became an army captain. The girl grew up to be stunningly beautiful.

One day, the girl's father died. To provide for her poor family, she decided to marry her friend, the army captain. He was scheduled to head to the front lines the day after the wedding.

The captain smiled and swore to return. It was the last time the woman saw her new husband smile. He died soon after, leaving her alone with their home and beautiful garden.

The garden changed with the seasons, giving the woman peace. Yet, until the day an illness took her at a tender age, she never knew her other childhood friend was the one tending to it.

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Character Weapons[]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Name Drakengard Drakengard 2 Drakengard 3
Caim's Sword
(Caim's Main Weapon)

A gift to Caim from his beloved father. Since he was a young child, Caim had idolized his gentle father and longed to fight strongly and bravely in battle beside him.

But the dark shadow of the Empire fell over their peaceful kingdom. The Empire grew stronger and stronger, until one day, Caim's castle was attacked by Imperial black dragons.

"Caim! Take Furiae and flee!" So ordered Caim's father. But even before Caim was able to answer, his parents were slain before his very eyes.

Clutching the sword that was a gift from his father, Caim swore upon it revenge for the loss of his kingdom and the murder of his parents. Even now, an unquenchable rage still fills his heart.

Eighteen years ago, when the world faced destruction, a human and a dragon dared to fight the gods. In the end, the dragon gave her life to save the world. Left behind, the man wandered the desolate lands, his heart full of sorrow.

Accompanying him on his journey was the very same girl who brought mankind to the brink of extinction.

Betraying the alliance he’s formed during the war, the old hierarch altered the seal to increase the dragon’s burden. When the wandering man felt the dragon’s agony, the girl sensed his distress and made her escape. Alone again, his mind was consumed by thoughts of vengeance and his hollow soul burned with bloodlust once more.

Caim hunted down the treacherous hierarch. Ignoring his pleas for mercy, he killed him with a single blow. However, Caim’s efforts were in vain: the seal was permanently altered. The burden was tearing the dragon’s mind apart, so the world’s former savior faced a similar choice... But this time, Caim would choose the dragon over the world.

Caim and Angelus were finally reunited, when all the keys to the seal had been broken. Once more, the world faced destruction, but at least they were together – complete. They vowed then never to part again – a vow they kept until the end.

After that, only Caim’s sword remained in the doomed world.

There once was an awkward prince who found love, politics, and even general interactions difficult. His only comfort was practicing swordplay in the courtyard.

After a hundred days of practice, he began to feel stronger. As this strength turned to confidence and washed away his anxieties, the prince devoted himself to mastering the sword.

After a thousand days of practice, he forgot the stress of politics and intrigue. Such things brought only lies and betrayal, but his sword never did.

After ten thousand days of practice, he realized his sword might free him from all stress if he entrusted everything to it. Alas, he was only running away from his problems...

Cries and Whispers
(Cent's Main Weapon)
Not Available Not Available

Seriously? You don't even know how to use this sword? Now that's just pathetic. It couldn't possibly be easier. Even little ol' me can spin this thing around!.

A disciple at my level has more than just strength, you know. He has enough bewitching beauty to make his enemies swoon. Looks like it's working on you, too! Hah!

Money really does make the world go 'round, doesn't it? I should know, given the vast fortune I command. ...Not that They let me use it yet. Lord knows why.

Hm? Is there anything more important in life than beauty, strength, and money...? Hah! What a kidder you are! I mean, do you even need to ask?

Everlasting Ring
(Octa's Main Weapon)
Not Available Not Available

A journey is an enjoyable thing, especially one to learn the secrets of a woman. It's ever so exciting, which you can see for yourself if you move your eyes juuust a bit lower...

Climbing those two mountains is so enjoyable. Feeling the soft ground beneath you, stuffing yourself with the small fruits found at the peak... Ah, that I had more mouths!

It's wonderful to est in the mother forest. Whether your nose follows the aroma of the underbrush, or you dare explore the dark cavern that lies below... Ah, what bliss!

And let us not forget about a hike to the spring! A generous drink of the liquid o'erflowing from deep within my beloved pond would be enough to harden up anyone's weaponry.

Five's Sword Spear
(Five's Main Weapon)
Not Available Not Available

Is there anything in this world that is boring?

I have five older sisters. And I want them all.

I want Zero's everything. Because her strength is truly gorgeous.

I want One's intelligence. Because it would be better if I had it.

I want that radiant smile from Two. Because it's a little bit different than mine.

I want that skillful dexterity from Three. Because I have no idea what it is.

What shall I take from Four? heehee Perhaps to be her "first".

Ah, that's right. I’m dying to have fun with this life.

Four's Claws
(Four's Main Weapon)
Not Available Not Available

My sister One named me "Four". My name is neither Zero nor One.

I’m neither the first nor the second. Nor am I the last.

I should be superior. I should be winning. More than my younger sister. All of them, all of them, all of them.

Before going to bed, I will retrieve the part that makes me "me". Then I shall sleep in my cold bed.

Furiae's Dagger Not Available Not Available

I mustn't trouble my brother. He's busy with his sword practice, so I must be a good girl and not bother him to play with me.

I mustn't trouble my brother. He's busy with politics, so I must be a good girl and not bother him to talk with me.

I mustn't trouble my brother. He's busy fighting other countries, so I must be a good girl and not bother him with my worries.

I mustn't trouble my brother. I mustn't let him know of the dark lust hiding in my bosom. If he were to see me like this, I would have to end my own life.

Hanch's Spear
(Hanch's Main Weapon)
Not Available

The chaser in the fortress city to the west was a master of his craft. The nobles had him decorate their armor. However, he wouldn’t let anyone into his shop, and went out at night without telling a soul where he was going. In time, his wife grew suspicious and tried to follow him, but lost him in a cemetery near the outskirts of the city.

One night, the chaser’s wife decided to wait for her husband in the cemetery. Sure enough, the chaser arrived soon afterwards and began to dig up a freshly buried coffin. Horrified, his wife ran away without saying a word. Once she’d collected her thoughts, she decided that it was high time she had a look inside her husband’s shop.

What was there were corpses dressed in armor and matching accessories, and her husband dancing naked among them. The chaser had brought back dead bodies and clothed them in his richly decorated creations.

Maddened by disgust and despair, she lunged at her husband, impaling herself and him on a spear held by one of the grotesque mannequins.

Several days later, the couple was discovered, skewered together and surrounded by corpses. The offending spear, notable for its exquisite chasing, eventually found its way into the hands of Hanch.

Not Available
Hero's Misericorde
(Seere's Main Weapon)
Not Available

A couple was elated by the news that they were to have a child. As this was their first, their friends held a feast the next day to celebrate. Many came to the party - among them, a prophet dressed in a richly embroidered clerical gown.

The prophet presented the couple with a short sword, and said, "This blade will make a master swordsman of the wielder. Use it to protect your children." When the husband grasped its hilt, he felt its power coursing through his boy, making him stronger. This was no ordinary sword.

"The child who will be born is a child of heaven. The child who will be born is child of man. Should the child bring disaster upon mankind, kill it with this sword." The couple's faces paled, and the husband raised the sword to strike the prophet, but he had already disappeared.

After the day of the feast, the wife unable to forget the prophet's words, grew ever more gloomy. The husband used the power of the sword to become a soldier and returned home ever more infrequently. Eventually, their child was born - or rather, a pair of twins was born: a beautiful boy and girl.

Not Available
Inuart's Long Sword
(Inuart's Main Weapon)
Not Available

In solitary confinement somewhere in the desert, a man was tied to a stake. He had fought to protect the one he loved, but lacked the strength to save her, and stood on the brink of despair. He could remember her smile... but her smiles were directed at her brother.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, he was about to accept his fate when a girl appeared before him. Her eyes were a deep crimson and glistened like rubies. She smiled liked the pretty little girl that she was, but spoke in a strange voice... It was the voice of neither a child nor an adult.

"If only I had the strength..."

Her crimson eyes peered into the weak man's mind. He became the girl's servant. Beyond that, he could not remember...

The only thing he could remember is his beloved killing herself in front of him... Then, standing before the Seeds of Destruction.

Eighteen years later...

The man's long sword now belonged to a boy raised by a dragon. The sword was used to fight his lover's brother, the one-eyed man.

Standing beside the boy was the girl with crimson eyes, now a grown woman. Their tale of life, death, and tangled relations was told for generations.

Not Available
Kainé's Swords

(Kainé's Main Weapon)

Not Available Not Available

She had suffered two unspeakable losses. The first, her beloved grandmother. The second, her beloved friend.

So she killed. She killed the enemies that stole those who were most precious to her. She killed the enemies that placed the curse of revenge upon her. She killed.

But then she lost sight. She lost sight of the purpose behind her vengeful rampage. She lost sight of life's meaning amidst all the slaughter.

Inside a dark cavern, she dreamed. She dreamed of those she would be able to see again after death came for her.

Manah's Staff
(Manah's Main Weapon)
Not Available

Eighteen years ago...

The girl stood alone in the dark forest. Abandoned by her mother, her longing to be loved soon turned into madness. The gods, charmed by her insanity, chose her as a tool to rule the world. Her eyes began to glow red in the darkness.

The girl with crimson eyes sent the world spiraling into chaos. The sight of the world collapsing soothed her. But the order was restored by a silentman with a sword. He took her on a journey to atone for her sins. Though she tried to look away, he forced her to face the suffering she has caused.

One day the man looked up to the sky and hatred filled his eyes. The girl wandered what had happened to make her captor so angry. Spying her opportunity, she stabbed him with a knife she had hidden in her robe and threw herself into a nearby gorge...

Several years later, the girl had lost all memory of her crimes and lived in a poor village. She learned about the Knights of the Seal, who oppressed the villagers. In a strange twist of fate, the girl who brought chaos to the world took up this staff, and began to destroy the seals once more...

All I know is loss. An empty body with something great and substantial missing. I fill the hole the only way I can, and turn my eyes from the emptiness that wells up.




Masochistic Joy
(Decadus's Main Weapon)
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Stop! Oh, please stop! If you put me in that boiling water, I'll be burned from head to toe! How can anyone be so cruel? How can- Nnnnngh...

Augh! WHy? Why do you beat me with that thick iron pole? All I can do is sob like an abandoned puppy ripped from his mother's teat. Nnnnngh...

"No... No, that's far too large! I'm going to be split in two! I'll be broken heart and soul! Just imagining it makes me want to... Want to... Nnnnngh...

Uh, no. I'm afraid even I can't do that.

Mourning Thorn
(Arioch's Main Weapon)
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"I'm so hungry..."

The hobgoblin decided to help his boss as he always did. Usually he had to get food by helping out with various odd jobs, but today he would get a meal without having to do anything at all. An attack on a human village was planned for the following evening, and a hearty meal was provided in a preparation.

So they charged into battle, expecting a swift victory. But the humans repelled their attack with great determination, and the fight raged on. In the midst of the carnage, the hobgoblin fell into a shallow well. There he found a magnificent scythe. It was the failed creation of a demented magician.

The scythe was designed to increase its wielder's desire to win. In reality, however, it brought out other uncontrollable desires in its wielder. Deemed useless, it had been thrown into the well. The hobgoblin climbed out of the well with the scythe in his hands. Hungry for food and blood, he began to kill humans left and right.

But the scythe's power soon began to overwhelm the hobgoblin. When all of the humans were dead, he began to bite and maim the other goblins. Even murdering and eating the entirety of his own tribe failed to satiate his appetite, and finally he slit his own throat with the scythe. It was later found by a beautiful elf.

Why did I lose my child? Why did my child have to die? Why must I bear this punishment?

All the other children survived. Why did mine perish? Theirs should have died, too! Every last one of them! ...No. I mustn't think this way! They are all precious.

We must protect my lost child, and all the others, too. But this world is chaos and strife. How can we hope to safeguard the children? The precious, precious children.

To protect them, I must join them. But there are so many. Wait. I know. I must chew them up. Chew them all. Open my mouth and chew all the pretty baaaaaabieeeeees...

Nier's Blade

(Brother Nier's Main Weapon)

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Yonah, stop. Sit down and eat. If you keep running around like this you're going to drop your pie on the- See? What'd I say? You're already making a big mess.

Emil! Quit rummaging through my closet, will you? There's nothing in there but a bunch of old underwear. You sit down , too, and finish your soup.

"Where'd Kainé go? ...Huh? She went to find more food? But I gave her an entire roast pig! How in the world did she eat that entire thing?

In a quiet dream, I think of the world that was lost. I think of the people and my own past self. And I think of the happiness I'll never again know.

Pitch Black
(Gismor's Main Weapon)
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There once lived a man to whom killing was as essential to life as breathing. There was no special reason why he murdered. He was not driven by bloodlust. It was only that murder was all he knew.

One day, he encountered a group of thugs who had surrounded a helpless girl. As usual, he murdered every last one them without hesitation.

When he turned to kill the girl, he found her thanking him with tears in her eyes. It was the first time that anyone had ever thanked him for what he had done. As he looked at her, he finally realized that his actions had meaning and purpose.

Smiling, with happiness in his heart, he brought his sword down on the young girl’s head.

With kindness in his eyes, he paused for a moment to watch the pool of blood expanding around her crumpled form, before leaving the scene feeling greatly fulfilled.

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Tower of Rebuke
(Leonard's Main Weapon)
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This spear belonged to a gentle and mild-mannered man. He lived in shame for a certain antisocial tendency, so he avoided the company of strangers, and lived deep inside the forest with his brothers.

He led a quiet life until one day, the Empire attacked his land, slaughtered his brothers, and torched his house. In despair, he tried to commit suicide. But just as he was about to die, a malicious faerie came to him and forced him into a pact, saving his life.

As the price of his pact, he lost his sight. But with his newfound power, he rose up against the Imperial forces and fought to save the world from the tyranny of the Empire.

Alongside the voiceless savior, he prevented the end on the world. Though he was now a hero, his shameful tendencies remained, so he returned to his life of solitude, a vilified exile.

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Twisted Hunger
(Dito's Main Weapon)
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I detest ugly things. I hate the putrid breath of monsters, and I hate people corrupted by desire. How can they even stand to live like that?

Morals? Morals make me puke. Trotting out truth and justice? Love for your fellow man? Pffft. What a crock of shit. How can people live in a disgusting place like this?

Life is ugly, and people are nothing but fools. Why did the world have to end up this way?

The rotten fruit tastes the most sweet. A rotten body is beauty personified. Why does everyone fail to notice these things?

Two's Sword
(Two's Main Weapon)
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I thought being a pair would allow us to survive. I mean, it was just like my name, you know? We were two then, and we would remain two forever.

When we held hands, we connected. I believed we truly had nothing to fear.

Our time was meant to be forever. Forever and ever. We were destined to keep this small life of ours secure.

I heard the sound of something breaking deep within me. There is no going back. I hear all the noise slipping slowly away into the onrushing dark...

Urick's Axe
(Urick's Main Weapon)
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A king who made offerings to the reaper, hoping to live forever, commissioned this axe to act as an instrument of the gods. Its purpose: to sever the necks of beautiful young men and drink their blood in the reaper’s honor. It has tasted the blood of many hundreds, and the reaper has prospered from these tributes.

For the first ceremony, the king chose two men and ordered one to execute the other. Every subsequent month, he would choose a new executioner to sacrifice the last. So it continued, year after year, executioners becoming sacrifices, until the month of the king's one hundred and fiftieth birthday.

"The pair involved in the ceremony this month were best friends. When one had sacrificed the other, he turned to the king, crying and said: "I shall give my own life to the reaper. I shall walk the road to Hades with my friend." Then he cut off his own head and the axe pierced the altar so deeply that none could remove it. The king’s long life was at an end.

The axe finally found its way into the hands of Urick, where it once more provides sacrifices to the reaper.

The cycle of blood which curses it cannot be halted – a secret known only by the reaper himself.

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Yaha's Staff
(Yaha's Main Weapon)
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A bureaucrat was accused of treachery and executed by his distrustful king. His family followed his fate, but the executioner took pity upon his youngest son. He let the boy go and told the king that the job was done.

The bureaucrat's son grew up to be a beautiful young man. He made his living as a thief, stealing goods from the bazaar. Sometimes, he would be caught and beaten, but the pain was nothing to him compared to the joy of revenge would bring. In time, he used the money he'd saved to bribe his way into a job at the king's castle.

The boy's androgynous beauty caught the king's eye right away and soon enough, he became one of the King's "special" companions. Late one night, he decided that the time had finally come to exact vengeance, so he headed to the king's bedchamber armed with his father's staff, an elegant weapon tipped with a deadly blade.

However, the king became suspicious when he saw beads of sweat on the boy's brow, and called for his guards. As they converged on him, the boy cut his own throat to the tune of the king's victorious laughter. Perhaps it was fate that Lieutenant Yaha, whose own beauty had shaped his twisted destiny, would eventually own this staff.

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Zero's Blade
(Zero's Main Weapon)
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From the moment I was born, there was nothing. That's how I wound up with the name Zero.

I tried and failed to find value in my life. Even religion failed me, for I would have sooner fought and killed a god than pray to it.

I took lives and felt nothing. I killed without regret. Right? Wrong? Sin? Redemption? I couldn't even work up the emerge to care.

Like a child, I waited and hoped. Hoped for the moment when this sad shell of a life would finally be over.

Zhangpo's Axe
(Zhangpo's Main Weapon)
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In a small village, a man lived with his pet mouse in a shack. He was a kindly soul, but the other villagers mistrusted him because his face had been disfigured since birth. In spite of their prejudice, he harbored no bitterness towards them, smiling even when children threw stones at him.

Secretly the villagers schemed to drive their unsightly neighbor away. So they claimed that his mouse damaged their crops, and captured it one day. While he wandered the forest searching for his little companion, they cut off its head, and laid its body on his doorstep.

When the poor man returned to his shack, he saw that his only friend in the world had been murdered. With a howl of despairing rage, he took his axe and decapitated each of the villagers in turn, piling their heads in the center of the common. To add another to the pile, he then cut off his own, and the axe tumbled from his lifeless grasp.

When it was finally retrieved from its grizzly resting place, the axe’s blade had been dried red by the villagers’ blood. Lieutenant Zhangpo, whose pact cost him the pleasure of eating, may have tried to replace the loss of sensation with the joy of butchering foes with this axe.

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  • It is mentioned directly in Accord's Novella that she and others like her were the ones fabricating the Weapon Histories.
  • The weapons in NIER also have Weapon Histories, but these are only available in the Grimoire Nier book.