Virginal Sin is a weapon in Drakengard 3.



  • Accord's Request: On the Move


Weapon History

Level 1
Once, there were three young girls. Though they lived in an age when arranged marriages were the standard, they swore to each other that they would always protect their chastity.

Level 2
One girl cut her beautiful blonde hair and commanded a battalion in place of her dead brother. She died a fine death, with her beloved man servant at her side.

Level 3
One girl, a brunette and an avid reader of books, loved a man from a poor family. Knowing their love could never be, the couple threw themselves into the sea.

Level 4
The last girl, a flaxen-haired beauty, never knew her friends had broken their vows of chastity. She remained a virgin all her life, eventually passing away of old age.

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