Rekka Alexiel

aka Rekka Alexiel

  • I live in Yokohama, Japan
  • I am Female

Hey, everybody.  I'm pretty new to using and editing items on Wiki, so please be kind if I make any silly editing and/or formatting mistakes!  xD


I have been living in Japan for almost a total of 11 years.  I first came over for a one-year study abroad trip to Nagoya.  I had such a great time, that I wanted to come back no matter what.  After I graduated from college, I eventually found myself back in Nagoya, but this time, teaching English.  I continued to live in Nagoya for 7 years before moving to Yokohama. Ever since leaving Nagoya, I've had various different jobs, but oddly enough, my most worthwhile job has been ALT possitions at private JH/HSs.  I'm currently working at a higher level all-girls JHS and I am extremely impressed with their behavior.  I just hope they continue the great work throughout the rest of the year! lol


I've been a fan of art, animation, games, and music since I was a little thing.  In terms of games, however, I usually only play console RPGs.  

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