Urick's Axe
 is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2

  • Excels at both linear and ground-sweep attacks..


Drakengard 2

  • Deadly Fang: Fangs of death slice through the earth, tearing enemies apart.


Drakengard 2

  • Chapter 5, Verse 3 (Default Weapon).


Drakengard 2

  • Tornado Dance: The standard seven-hit attack combination of all axes.
  • Evil's Doom: In this combination, Urick spins his axe to build momentum before crashing it to the ground, sending a shockwave over a short distance in front of him.
  • Fury's Frenzy: This combination has a wide-sweeping attack.
  • Evil's Downfall: An attack combination that Urick ends by running forward, slashing enemies in his path.

Weapon History

Level 1

A king who made offerings to the reaper, hoping to live forever, commissioned this axe to act as an instrument of the gods. Its purpose: to sever the necks of beautiful young men and drink their blood in the reaper’s honor. It has tasted the blood of many hundreds, and the reaper has prospered from these tributes.

Level 2

For the first ceremony, the king chose two men and ordered one to execute the other. Every subsequent month, he would choose a new executioner to sacrifice the last. So it continued, year after year, executioners becoming sacrifices, until the month of the king's one hundred and fiftieth birthday.

Level 3

The pair involved in the ceremony this month were best friends. When one had sacrificed the other, he turned to the king, crying and said: "I shall give my own life to the reaper. I shall walk the road to Hades with my friend." The he cut off his own head and the axe pierced the altar so deeply that none could remove it. The king’s long life was at an end.

Level 4

The axe finally found its way into the hands of Urick, where it once more provides sacrifices to the reaper.

The cycle of blood which curses it cannot be halted – a secret known only by the reaper himself.

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