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Undead Knights are a reoccurring enemy in the Drakengard series.



Undead Knights carry halberds in one and a small shield in the other. Using their weapons, they can perform several kinds of attacks. Such as piercing the ground and damage anything near its path or a piercing attack that sends the target flying. The undead can also block any physical attack and can use their weapons to deflect magic attacks.

Undead knight

Undead Knight
Recognition Range: 1.5m
Movement Speed: 13.5km/h
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Interval: 0.6 seconds
Attack Probability: 50%
Block Probability: 40%
Red Armor: No

The Undead Knights are soldiers who died once and have been brought to life as walking corpses. They appear by seeping out from the ground. If they get killed, they don't come back twice.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
HP 22 41.8 63.8 85.8
EXP 20 48 68 82
Attack Strength 4 6 10 21
Defense Strength 17 39.1 56.1 68

Undead Knights appear in the Blue Mountains after the battlefield is bombarded by the Empire's flying fortress. They are the reanimated corpses of the soldiers that perished in the attack.

They also appear in the Imperial Capital as common enemies within the Destroyed City and Unholy Altar.