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Tyrant's Playthings is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


  • Cursed combat bracers left behind by a witch.



Weapon History[]

Level 1

The land was ruled by an empress witch who used magic powers to govern her people. She was a cruel, oppressive ruler who took joy in slaughtering innocents at random

Level 2

But the empress was restless. Torturing victims, drinking fine wines as they screamed... It was fun, yes, but even fun grows wearisome when repeated too often.

Level 3

Many would-be-heroes came to the castle, united by dreams of my death. The first few were enjoyable enough, but now it's just a chore. They're all so simple-minded!

Level 4

If no hero is strong enough to defeat me, I'll just have to make one myself. I need a strong child. A terrifying hero. One with enough power to topple his own mother...

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