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Twisted Hunger
Type: Spear
Weapon Status

Twisted Hunger is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


Drakengard 3[]

  • Medium
  • The spear used by disciple Dito.


Drakengard 3[]

  • First gift from Dito.


Drakengard 3[]

  • 5-hit
  • Template:Forward Charge
  • Template:Aerial Swirl
  • Template:Gliding Thrust
  • Template:Swing n' Slam
  • Template:Forward Blitz

Weapon History[]

Level 1

I detest ugly things. I hate the putrid breath of monsters, and I hate people corrupted by desire. How can they even stand to live like that?

Level 2

Morals? Morals make me puke. Trotting out truth and justice? Love for your fellow man? Pffft. What a crock of shit. How can people live in a disgusting place like this?

Level 3

Life is ugly, and people are nothing but fools. Why did the world have to end up this way?

Level 4

The rotten fruit tastes the most sweet. A rotten body is beauty personified. Why does everyone fail to notice these things?

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