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Is this the realm of the Gods?
— The Red Dragon, as she enters Tokyo

Shinguku, Tokyo is a city from the year 2003 and serves as the setting for the final battle of Drakengard.


In Drakengard, Caim and the Red Dragon follow the queen-beast to the realm of the gods, where they battle it using the power of song. After destroying the monster, the two are immediately shot out of the air by fighter jets.

These events set in motion the events of NIER. The queen-beast's body crumbles into otherworldly particles known as Maso, causing the White Chlorination Syndrome. The Red Dragon's body dissolves into particles that would be used as a basis for magic, which slowly disappeared from the world after the events of Drakengard 2.


The stage is the final verse of Drakengard's story mode. The battle is not fought using any of the game's usual mechanics, instead of presenting the player with something akin to a rhythm game. To win, the player must defend themselves from the queen-beast's attacks for 2 minutes and 25 seconds.

When this stage is completed, the player can visit this stage in Free Mission mode and fight a squadron F-15DJ fighter jets. After defeating the Tokyo Free Mission, the player gains access to a secret "Dragon." This aerial vehicle appears on the Dragon Selection Screen as "???."