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Thunder Princess
Type: Spear
Weapon Status

Thunder Princess is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


Drakengard 3[]

  • A spear said to have imprisoned thunder itself. You can hear it rumble.
  • Size: Large


Drakengard 3[]

  • Chapter 2, Verse 5 - Chest


Drakengard 3[]

  • 4-Hit Chain
  • 1-Hit Aerial Attack

Weapon History[]

Level 1

The strait was called the "Ship Graveyard" for its stormy waters. Few ships dared to cross it, and soon the nearby island found itself dangerously short on supplies.

Level 2

The islanders decided to make a sacrifice to the god of the seas. As they debated who would be offered up, the daughter of the island headman gave herself as tribute.

Level 3

Once the fairest woman on the island, her skin was now covered in burns. Her father tried to stop her, but she donned the ceremonial armor and threw herself into the sea.

Level 4

Soon, the waves lessened and the sea was calmed. The large spear the girl carried with her stands alone on the seabed, occasionally quivering with the sounds of distant thunder.

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