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The Reaper is a specters and Urick's pact partner.


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During an attack on the seal, Urick fought alongside General Oror against the One-Eyed Man. Urick was defeated but was saved by Oror. However, Urick quickly fled the scene afterward as he feared for his life, leaving Oror behind to perish to the One-Eyed Man. Urick then made a pact with the Reaper and as a price of the pact, he lost his mortality. As time passed Urick felt extreme guilt for abandoning Oror. Such guilt is what lead him to leave the Knights of the Seal and live a life in secrecy as the Masked Man. Urick is eventually killed by Caim, which is when his body is taken over by the Reaper spirit. The Reaper manages to push Caim over a high ledge, but not before Caim is able to fatally wound it.

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