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Nowe is the principal protagonist in Drakengard 2. Raised by a dragon and a member of the Knights of the Seal, Nowe has a strong sense of justice. He is a New Breed, and the only one of his kind.

DD2 Nowe Artwork

Summary []

The New Breed is an endangered (in the sense of its rarity and not that its been hunted), one of a kind species that is a cross between Dragons and Humans. So far there has only been one ever recorded New Breed in all of history, that being Nowe.

Biology and Abilities[]

Nowe as conceived when, during route A of Drakengard 1, Inuart takes the dying Furiae into one of the Seeds of Destruction, specifically known as the Bone Casket which is a special seed created by the Dragons, whose purpose is that the New Breed will be borne in the seed and help the dragons destroy the gods.

New Breed can only be created from these seeds of destruction and as such it is likely that the population of New Breed will be limited to only Nowe or at the very least will always have a small population.

Physically, New Breed share no outward similarities toward Dragons and appear to be normal humans on the outside, which is supported by the fact that with the exception of his surrogate father Legna, no one in Nowe's life suspected he was anything but a human. The New Breed are very clearly stronger than the average human, as Nowe who is only an 18 year old knight, consistently competes with and overpowers high ranked members of the Knights of the Seal, all of whom had pacts with powerful creatures.

Similarly to the Intoners Intoner Mode, the New Breed have a secondary form that increased the speed and power of the user and, like the dragons they descend from, they are capable of flying. Whilst not nearly as strong as an Intoner it allows the user to fight and overpower a fully evolved dragon, the same Dragon who was able to casually overpower the fake Intoner Brother One.

However, as learned in The Garden of Light, if the user doesn't regularly use the ability, they can lose it altogether.


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  • The New Breed and the Intoners are very similar. Both appear human despite having a less than fully human heritage, both are far stronger than normal humans, both have a small population and both have secondary tranformations.