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Time doesn't always flow in a single direction.
— Accord, Drakengard 3


The Taroverse is the colloquial term used by the Fandom to describe the combined Drakengard Nier multiverse. The Taroverse is recorded, by Accord, since year 0 and the birth of Christ up to year 12543 and consists of at 3 main universes but the total number of known universes is 14 and 44 Branches/split timelines. It was created by the Gods and hosts numerous types of sentient life, although in one universe humanity has gone extinct.


The Drakengard Universe is the oldest of the three main universes and was identical to real life until the year 856 when the Great Disaster caused a split in the timeline between the Drakengard and Nier universes. The Drakengard universe focuses more of magic rather than technology and is widely considered to be the most dangerous of the three universes as it contains a number of dangerous monsters, tyrannical factions, and incurable diseases. The Drakengard Universe is under constant threat from the Gods who want to destroy it and is held back due to the Goddess of the Seal which keep the world in balance. 8 characters have made it to the afterlife/The Library, however half of those became twisted monsters.


Nier is the second oldest of the three main universes and remains identical to real life until the year 2004 in which during Branch E of Drakengard caused Caim and Angelus as well as the Queen-beast dropped into modern-day Tokyo. Because of this event the otherworldly particles, known as Maso, cause a disease called White Chlorination Syndrom begins to ravage the human population. This is the only universe that has lifeforms beyond earth. This universe has less magic and monsters present in its universe and is generally agreed to be weaker than the Drakengard Universe. This universe has no sentient organic life as humanity went extinct in this universe and all that is left are Androids and Machine Lifeforms.