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Swords, or Short Swords, are a weapon class in the Drakengard series. It is usually the fastest weapon class in the games.

Drakengard 3[]


Though limited in range, swords allow for swift attacks, making them handy all-around weapons. They can especially useful if you find yourself surrounded by large forces.

Drakengard 2[]

Swords in Drakengard 2 are wielded by Nowe. With swords, Nowe has fast attack speed and longer attack combinations. This weapon is ideal for hitting often and racking up the chain numbers.


The swords are the fastest of all the weapons. They can quickly slice through plenty of enemies, but they inflict less damage than the other weapon types. The one advantage to using swords is that you can get more consecutive hits before the enemies die, making it possible to chain more hits together and get more HP Spheres.