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Spirits are a reoccurring enemy type in the Drakengard series.

In Drakengard 3, Spirits are weak enemies who can possess a soldier, Undead or Ogre to increase their durability and strength. They can be removed by doing enough damage to its host.


Spirits are fast moving enemies with erratic flying patterns. They swarm their enemies in small groups at close range. They fight by casting magic rings around there target. If caught, they are completely immobilized. And after a certain amount of time, the circle will explode, causing massive damage. They can also shoot beams of energy which can be used in conjunction with their magic circles.

Spirits also attack in packs alongside Specters.

HP: Average
EXP: 400
Damage MP Gain: 30
Destroyed MP Gain: 80

Spirits are aerial type enemies that appear as a collection of glowing skulls. When approached, it will try to surround its target and attack it from behind with magic and then retreat when out of view.

They first appear in the Imperial Capital prior to the appearance of the Wyrm.


  • In Drakengard 3, spirits possess similar abilities to Urick's Reaper in Drakengard 2. Whereas both can possess the body of a host and increase its durability, and both get expelled when taking too much damage.