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DOD3 Cathedral City Soldiers CGI

Soldiers of Catherdral City.

Soldiers are a common enemy within the Drakengard series.



Soldiers of the Empire.

The imperial soldiers in Drakengard are knights that serve the Empire. Throughout the game, they appear in tight formations and attack in groups. The Empire utilizes conscripted soldiers of any age and race, empowering them with a wide array of classes in their ranks.

Silver Soldiers[]

The silver soldiers are the most common of the enemies, with no special skills or armor enhancements.

Black Soldiers[]

Black soldiers are the elite troopers with stronger armor.

Crimson Soldiers[]

The crimson soldiers are special class of soldier that wears magic repelling armor.

Drakengard 2[]

The soldiers in Drakengard 2 are members of the Knights of the Seal. Unlike the Empire, the Knights only seek to keep order among the lands without utilizing overwhelming forces.

Drakengard 3[]

The soldiers in Drakengard 3 are common enemies throughout the entire game. Like every enemy in the game, they will attack in waves, having a set amount of personnel fight their target at a time. The soldiers will often interact with each other during combat, either giving orders or bickering whilst fighting their opponents.



  • In Five's Prologue, it is revealed that some of the soldiers are female, yet masculine. Despite Five's carnal rule of never harming women or children, she makes an exception for these female soldiers because of their lack of feminine features.