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Skyward Wind is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


Drakengard 3[]

  • A chakram based on wind blown by a heavenly horse crossing the skies.
  • Small


Drakengard 3[]

  • Branch B, Verse 1 shop - 44100g


Drakengard 3[]

  • 6-Hit

Weapon History[]

Level 1

The woman was near the end of her life. She had committed crimes and been arrested. After an extended torture session, she was sentenced to burn at the stake.

Level 2

Suddenly, a white horse with sad blue eyes appeared before her. “The king took my son!” she screamed at the animal. “Before I die, I will kill him with my won two hands!”

Level 3

The woman screamed at the horse until she collapsed into sobs. The next thing she knew, she was atop the horse with a sword in her hand, and the king trembling in front of her.

Level 4

She slew the king and made to flee. But suddenly, her horse was gone. Her body burst into flames, which raged until she

became a small pile of ashes scattered away by the wind.

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