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The Sky Fortress is a Floating Fortress that appears in Drakengard. It is the Empire's most powerful warship that holds a countless number of soldiers, monsters, and weapons. The fortress is in the shape of a giant shell, with builds on the outer rim.


The Sky Fortress is first revealed in the aftermath of the Battle at the Blue Mountains. When the Union emerged victorious on the ground, the Empire fired magic bombs onto the battlefield, irradicating the Union forces and allowing their fallen soldiers to resurrect. The Red Dragon is unable to fly to the structure, forcing them to retreat.

In the skies, Inuart challenges Caim to battle but then flees to the fortress, where Caim and the Red Dragon seize the opportunity to give chase inside. Once they board the fortress, Caim makes his way to the altar, where Furiae is being held. However, they arrive too late as they find Furiae's lifeless body stabbed with a dagger, which devastates Caim. The Dragon encourages him to move forward and prepare for the oncoming danger and convinces him to leave.

Inuart later finds Furiae's body at the altar, which breaks the Watcher's hold on him. Heartbroken, Inuart takes Furiae's body and heads to the Imperial Capital.

In Branch B, Caim is able to reach the altar much earlier. Inuart tries to convince Caim that his actions were just, but Furiae tells him to leave. Then Manah emerges from her hiding and reveals Furiae's sexual feelings for her brothers, causing Furiae to stab herself in the chest. Caim, blinded by anger, nearly lashes out at Manah before the Red Dragon stops him, encouraging him to move forward and prepare for the oncoming danger and convinces him to leave.

In Branch D, Caim's party corners Manah in the Inner Sanctum of the fortress. Seere tries to convince them that it's not her fault she ended up this way, but soon realizes that she's beyond saving and asks Golem to kill her. Once she is dead, however, the Fortress begins to crumble apart, with Furiae and Inuart perishing in the fort's destruction.

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