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Sinful Scream is a weapon in Drakengard 3.



  • Chapter 1, Verse 1 - Shop (3700 Gold)


  • 6-Hit Chain
  • 2-Hit Aerial Chain
  • Template:Great Spinslash
  • Template:Aerial Assault
  • Forward Spinslash: PS Square Button PS Triangle Button
  • Template:Sigil Burst

Weapon History[]

Level 1
He committed a crime. The famine raged, taxes rose without mercy, and his parents vanished. Soon his siblings grew gaunt with hunger, and for them, he took action.

Level 2
He committed a crime. He shared stolen milk and bread with his five young siblings, allowing himself none. Instead he simply watched as they devoured the bounty.

Level 3
He committed a crime. When the rich merchants found him, he was not allowed to die for his sin. That honor fell to his siblings, for they alone had consumed the stolen goods.

Level 4
He committed a crime. His siblings' ravaged bodies lay in the street. He gazed upon them, rubbed the open sores from his own public whipping, and heaved a voiceless sob.

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