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Silver Butterfly

Silver Butterfly is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Possesses hidden power and secret magic.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Orion's Dart: Arrows of light seek out and destroy enemies.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Chapter 2, Verse 5 (Chest Item).


Drakengard 2[]

  • Cyclone Dance: A standard five-hit attack combination with which long swords start.
  • Phoenix Lash: This five-hit attack combination ends in a powerful downward slash into the ground that deals heavy damage to enemies.
  • White Serpent Blade: This seven-hit attack combination uses a flurry of wide-sweeping attacks to send enemies flying away.
  • Dragon Blast: This four-hit attack combination unleashes a flurry of wide-sweeping attacks that send enemies into the air.

Weapon History[]

Level 1

A lady was married off at a young Age to a count in a nearby land. She was blessed with a kind husband and servants, but her life was a bore. She confided her malcontent to her husband, who suggested that she go on a journey. There were many things she needed to learn as a countess, he said. She appreciated her husband’s understanding.

Level 2

She heard many riveting tales From other travelers. There were Stories of farmers whose lives changed with the seasons; of children surviving without their parents; of the betrayal and treachery of kings in foreign lands. After two eventful years on the road, the countess began the voyage home as she had promised.

Level 3

When she returned, the countess found her husband confused and weak. The mansion was in ruins, deserted apart from her husband and his favorite servant. Suddenly she realized that her journey had been the servant’s idea, a part of his scheme to take over the estate. "But surely a loving wife would notice such a plot?" he smirked.

Level 4

The servant was arrested and executed, but the count never regained his health. He died quietly, leaving the devastated countess to mourn. She had his body cremated, and his ashes encased in a large sword. The butterfly engraved on the blasé was based on a mask the countess had brought as a gift for

her husband during her travels.

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