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Shirley, alternatively known as Shari, is a character that appears in the Drag-On Dragoon Shi ni Itaru Aka manga. She was Furiae's handmaiden and a fan of prince Caim.


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Shirley and Furiae are picking flowers for Caim's eighteenth birthday, but they are suddenly attacked by a man with red eyes. They are saved by One, who falls down to the ground shortly after killing the man. Unbeknownst to them, Shirley was sprayed by some of the Red Eye's blood, infecting her with the disease. Nero (One's companion) shows up and after the girls insist that One needs help, carries him to the castle of Caerleon.

One and Nero are welcomed there as guests and the saviors of the Princess, but the King and Queen are left uninformed of their presence.

Some time after One's wounds have been tended, Nero attempts to rape Furiae, but One stops him just in time. Nero then decides to rape Shirley instead. After raping her, he locks her in the stables, suspecting that she might be infected. The disease takes hold of her, giving her enough power to break out. She then proceeds to bed several men. The disease quickly spreads throughout the castle and even the kingdom, turning the entire populace into mindless beasts. Nero finally kills her, after shooting her multiple times with his crossbow.

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