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Sea serpent

Sea Serpent concept scale against the Red Dragon

Sea Serpents are creatures that exist within the world of Midgard. It is a canceled enemy type that does not appear in the games.


In Mikhail's novella, during his search for magic meat, he encounters a sea serpent as he flies over the sea. Wanting its meat, Mikhail attacks the sea monster with his fire breathing. But his ranged attacks were ineffective, leaving him no other chose but to fight it up close. Mikhail tries to kill by biting and clawing at its head and neck, and after it attempts to constrict the dragon in retaliation, Mikhail eventually overpowers it and drags its limp carcass back his home. However, upon farther inspection by Zero, the serpent was revealed to be only playing dead, and once discovered, immediately starts attacked the two. The story ends with the duo fighting the monster.


  • The Sea Serpent is a dropped enemy concept from the Drakengard artbook that does not make an appearance in the games.