Sinoalice Logo
Japanese: シノアリス
Rōmaji: Shi no Arisu
Genre: Role-playing game
Developer(s): Pokelabo
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Platforms: Mobile
Release Date: JP June 6, 2017

SINoALICE (シノアリス) is a free-to-play social game. The general outline of the game's scenario is authored by Taro Yoko, while the vast majority of the game's scenario is written by PokeLabo staff members who are fans of Yoko's works. General gameplay has characters slaughter spirits known as Nightmares in the Library, a mysterious fantasy world of stories. Main characters are public domain characters in literature whom destroy others in hopes of granting their wish to revive their respective Authors.

On March 26~April 17, 2018, players could participate in a Drakengard 3 collaboration event quest, the second Yoko Taro game collaboration for the social game (the first being NieR:Automata). Its main selling points are an original scenario authored by Yoko that stars Zero and Mikhail, the ability to use Zero, One, Accord, and Mikhail as in-game characters, and the introduction of the human form of Mikhail. All of the voice actors reprise their character roles in SINoALICE.

Logging-in during the collaboration rewards all players with Zero/Breaker (sword job class). The event "Weapons Merchant" gacha may grant players with the weapons that unlock One/Breaker, Accord/Sorcerer (grimoire job class), Zero/Cleric (magic staff job class), or Boy Mikhail/Paladin (spear job class). Leveling the weapons and job classes grants access to bonus weapon stories and job stories which were also authored by Yoko. Mikhail in his dragon form, a new version of Two and Cent, and a new version of Three, Four, and Five can appear as SS Nightmare summons.

If the players use Drakengard 3 characters for the collaboration event, they will receive additional Zero Medals. These medals can be used to exchange items. Hard Mode has One and Brother One simultaneously appear as a boss.

Along with the in-game collaboration, Square-Enix launched two Twitter campaigns that randomly awarded a Boy Mikhail parka and Maaya Uchida, Nao Toyama, and Taro Yoko's autographs. Deadlines for both campaigns are April 26, 2018.

The instant the 14.0 and 14.1 updates for the DOD3 collaboration went live, tablet/PC players and certain Android and iOS systems could not launch the game. This includes players who could previously play SINoALICE before the update(s). Developers are currently addressing the problem.

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