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Ring of Lament is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


Drakengard 3[]

  • A compact chakram infused with a sorcerer's curse.
  • Size: Medium


Drakengard 3[]

  • Chapter 4: Verse 2 - Chest Item


Drakengard 3[]

  • 6-Hit Chain
  • 2-Hit Aerial Chain

Weapon History[]

Level 1

Why does no one recognize my arcane skills? Why do they not respect me? Applaud me? Why, why, why!? I hate it! I want to beat all of them into the ground!

Level 2

It's HIM! HE steals my magic! That's why I don't receive the praise I so richly deserve. It's all his fault! That's why I must kill him. I do it for justice. For the human race!

Level 3

Cold steel is the perfect reply to his idle words. I am not in the wrong! With this cursed blade, I shall silence the sorcerer and prove that I am worthy! Not him! Me! ME!

Level 4

Hear the laughter as I behold the bloody lump that used to be a sorcerer! Now I am the greatest magician in the world! Such a shame I fell into this well in my excitement...

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