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The Red Eye Disease (赤目の病 Akame no Yamai) is a condition that affects various characters in the Drakengard universe. It is characterized by scarlet red eyes in the victim, as well as violent, berserk behavior. It can also present itself as a mark of possession by the Watchers, as seen in Inuart.


In Drakengard, the condition first appears among characters associated with the Empire. For instance, after Inuart is captured by the Empire and brainwashed by the Watchers, he dons red eyes and exhibits violent, aggressive behavior. He is shown to willingly attack Caim and Furiae, his childhood friends, without hesitation. Empire foot soldiers and High Priestess Manah also exhibit the same symptoms. The Shi ni Itaru Aka manga elaborates on the condition and reveals that an Intoner is primarily responsible for spreading the disease. The manga also reveals that victims can be easily manipulated to do one's bidding by individuals who possess strong enough magic, such as Nero's sister.


  • In the NieR Drama CD, beings known as the Red Eyes lead armies of Legion, former humans that have made a pact with the gods, in a war to wipe out humanity. Though specific details have not been revealed, these beings are hinted to be related to this condition and the Logic Virus featured in Nier: Automata.[1][2]