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The Queen-Beast, also known as the Grotesquerie Queen, is the main antagonist from Drakengard. She is capable of summoning an army of watchers at her behest. She can only be fought in Ending D of Drakengard.


A gigantic gray humanoid that is pale in color, she possesses the form of a young woman. Her appearance is reminiscent of an Intoner's final form caused by the transformation from a parasitic flower.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Along with Caim and the Red Dragon, the Queen-Beast ends up in the modern day Tokyo in the game's ending E and also starts the background of NIER. After her defeat, her corpse dissolved into "Maso", otherworldly particles that caused the White Chlorination Syndrome, where as the particles of Angelus were used as the basis for the development of magic in NIER's world.

The contraction of WCS causes a pact to be formed with the human who gets it and the Queen. If the human rejects the pact they will die, otherwise they are turned into mindless, violent Legions.

The Gestalt Project and the development of magical weapons like No. 6 and No. 7 were formed to save humanity from WCS and fight the Legions.

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