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As the tears of the Goddess flow, four lost temples forebode the coming of the Queen.
Drakengard opening.

The Queen-beast (母天使 Haha Tenshi, "Mother Angel"), also known as the Grotesquerie Queen or Mother, is an antagonist and the final boss of Drakengard. She is capable of summoning an army of watchers at her behest.


The queen-beast resembles a giant, featureless naked woman with gray skin and no hair. She has a long, prehensile tongue that only appears when she sings.

When manipulating time and space, the queen-beast's belly expands to exaggerated proportions, resembling a pregnant woman.


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the wild dreams of a Deluded child

The world... The world will be swallowed! What is that? What warps the Great Time?
The queen-beast and the Watchers descend after Manah's death to destroy the world. She prepares to warp all of space and time and end the world, but is frozen in time with the entire Imperial Capital by Seere, who breaks his pact with Golem to seal the area in a massive black crystal.

the End of the dragon sphere

What is this? This thing... What can we do?
Red Dragon
Caim and the Red Dragon attack the queen-beast head-on. The ensuing blast warps all three into the city of Tokyo, Japan in 2003, where the queen-beast is defeated by the Red Dragon in a battle of songs and crumbles to dust.

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  • The Flower's final form after absorbing the power of all six Intoners resembles the queen-beast in appearance. Whether the flower's fully-evolved form has any relation to the queen-beast remains unconfirmed.
  • Its appearance was originally going to be based off of J-pop idol Ayumi Hamasaki.[1]
  • The queen-beast's death in Ending E strongly resembles Lilith's death scene in The End of Evangelion. This may have been intentional, as the ending's title (the End of dragon sphere) is a direct reference to the anime.[2]