Drakengard Wiki
Recognition Range: 5m
Movement Speed: 16.5km/h
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Interval: 0.3 seconds
Attack Probability: 30%
Block Probability: 30%
Red Armor: No

Priests are mage type enemies that appear in Drakengard.

Priests are wizards aligned with the Empire and can use magic. Being the most common spellcaster in the game, they can only perform basic spells. They shoot spheres of light from a distance. They wear strange iron masks with no decorations.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
HP 9 17.1 26.2 35.1
EXP 12 28.8 40.8 49.2
Attack Strength 4 6 10 15
Defense Strength 13 29.9 42.9 52

Priests are first encountered in the Valley of the Faeries. Caim kills one, which triggers multiple to magically appear and surround him.