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Phoenix Curse

Phoenix Curse is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Casts a powerful ground-sweep spell.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Flare Claw: Fireballs rain from the sky


Drakengard 2[]

  • After Chapter 3, Verse 2 - Complete The Courtyard of the Grand Shrine a second time.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Dancer's Fury: The standard five-hit combination for all rods.
  • Headwind Blade: A good area-of-effect attack combination where Manah hits enemies up into the air and twirls her staff with her legs in a 360-degree motion.
  • Tailwind Blade: In this combination, Manah runs forward and knocks the enemy into the air before performing a wide-sweeping attack with her staff.

Weapon History[]

Level 1

Back, when magic flourished, magicians played an integral role on the battlefield. The potency of their magic was derived in large part from the power of their staffs. Indeed, wars were fought over the ownership of powerful staffs - especially the staffs of the ancients magicians, which contained mighty spells, long forgotten.

Level 2

At around that time, a magician found a staff buried in some ancient ruins. Though he wasn’t especially gifted, using the staff’s power, he was capable of unimaginable feats and soared up through the ranks of his army. Within a year, he sat at the general’s right hand.

Level 3

The magician’s powers knew no bounds on the battlefield and he became very influential. The one day, an identical staff was found in the same ruins, with hundreds more like it... In a matter of months, every kingdom had acquired one, and the war raged on with renewed ferocity.

Level 4

The magician who wielded the original staff had relied upon its power, and neglected to train. The other magicians were different. With their finely honed skills and the power of the staff combined, they easily defeated their lazy counterpart. By the year's end, he had been demoted to the rank of a mere soldier. Obscurity beckoned.

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