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This article is about the female One. For the male One, see One (Brother).
A fellow Intoner and Zero’s younger sister. She is intelligent, serious, and has a strong sense of justice—Zero’s polar opposite. It is out of her intelligence that she comes to question how the Intoners came into existence and why they possess such godly powers. She decided to overthrow the despotic rulers of the world who had oppressed the people and created a new peaceful world. She reigns over all the Intoners.
— Official Website Description

One, is the younger sister of Zero and also an Intoner, one who can use the Power of Song, as well as the main antagonist of Drakengard 3. One is also the main protagonist of Utahime Five. She is the final boss of branches A and C. She is an intellectual and serious by nature with a strong sense of justice, which is the complete opposite of Zero. Due to the difference in their nature, One has a hard time getting along with her elder sister.

Although she is the second oldest sister, she is young in appearance and also the smallest in stature. After Zero ran away, she became the head of the Church and leads the effort to defeat Zero. Her personality and appearance seem to be based on one of the rebels Zero met before her death.

One has sharp senses, the intensity of which grows stronger every day. She found a way to cope with them, however.


See also: One's Novella and Memories of the Intoners
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Drag-On Dragoon Utahime Five

Together with the other Intoners, with the exception of Zero, One sought to bring peace to the land. Having succeeded, she divided the land among her sisters. She became the overseer of the realm's capital, Cathedral City itself.

One's Prologue

Once upon a time, many moons ago... there were five beautiful Intoner sisters. Four of the Intoners owned a personal servant called a disciple. But one of them, had no disciple at all.
— Intro to One's Chapter, Verse 1, Drakengard 3

Despite the hesitant cries of a young man, a steadfast One engages him in battle within the crypts of Cathedral city on November 4th, 998. She cites the young man, who resembles her in form, as being unable to kill Zero in his current state, with the young man stating his reluctance to fight with his sister. An impatient One decides to initiate the training while berating the young man for his qualms, reminding him of his purpose in life. If One were to be killed by Zero during their battle, he should be the one to take Zero's life. In the midst of their battle, the young man wonders why One is willing to go to the extent of fighting her own "sibling." One angrily snaps at him, citing Zero as nothing more than a monster; and that the current state of their training session is merely to see how he would up hold against Zero, an Intoner who rivals One in power. One frequently persists in telling the young man how Zero would have been more ruthless against him, curiously reflecting on how he hasn't gotten any stronger. The young man states that he had been pushing himself for the past three months to improve, musing about whether or not he would be useful to his own sister.

One begins to recount a life prior to saving the world, one in which Intoners were a cursed existence amidst a land mired in desolation. While ascending the steps of the Cathedral, One explains the essentials of a disciple and why an Intoner would ever have use for one. A disciple is to aid an Intoner in battle by increasing their ability of Song while also quelling desires that have been driven towards inhuman levels: a passion for romance, obsession with hobbies, a thirst for recognition and a fiery sex drive. One is conflicted by the notion that she possesses none of those desires, citing only the realization that she's always alone.It was then that on August 1, 998, that One created a disciple to quench her loneliness. The disciple created in her image was also named One. She explains to the newborn One that they are essentially one and the same. While in the midst of battle with Cathedral City soldiers, One tells her disciple about her disgust of using another person as a weapon. Hence, she decided to create One in her image because she knows regardless of what she does, at least she'll be able to forgive herself. She plans on using the Crypts to host her disciple, stating that he won't possess the powers that the other disciples have, although he will have enough power to defeat the Lords that plague the lands with their tyranny. She mentions that One is the perfect replica, a means of sorts to forgive herself.

One wonders aloud what to call his creator, stating that he should refer to her as mother. One retorts back, insisting she isn't that old and he should call her sister instead. He asks her what he's supposed to do, with One suggesting that he stick to her side as having him mobile would create unnecessary trouble, with him swearing to never leave her side. Following his declaration, One wonders about his sister's inclinations. One states that she intends to defeat the tyrants ruling the land and saving the people from their clutches. Following the completion of that effort, they are to discover why they exist. One decides to ask his sister once more, what she intends to do after she saves the people from the corrupt Lords of the land, wondering if she plans on becoming a princess of the country. One snaps at him, mentioning she won't do anything of the sort, stating only that she has to uphold the responsibility of killing Zero. One asks her about Zero, with One cryptically stating how he will find out by being around her soon enough. She asks of him to become her shadow, with One eagerly accepting her offer while she ruminates about her future circumstances.

The newborn One, still feeling apprehensive about killing people, asks his sister about whether or not more people will die. One confirms his apprehension and questions his reluctance. He merely states that all will be fine as long as he is with his sister.[1]

If murder is a sin... What about killing to save the life of someone else?
— Intro to One's Chapter, Verse 2, Drakengard 3

Lacking a disciple to call her own, the Intoner used one of her own ribs to fashion herself a brother. The two of them made up for what each other lacked and they grew up together within the Cathedral. And beneath the light of the moon, the dragon quietly watched over them.
— Outro to One's Chapter, Verse 3, Drakengard 3

After the battle, the exhausted siblings fell fast asleep. Feeling their weight upon her, the dragon reflected: "This human is clever. She'll soon uncover the mistake this world made." Though the dragon considered the pair to be a right royal pain, she didn't attempt to disturb their slumber.
— Intro to One's Chapter, Verse 4, Drakengard 3

One - Visitors

Chapter 0: Prologue

Now... Let us sing of the world's end.
One invites all of her sisters to Cathedral City. They face off against Zero on March 3rd, 999. One summons her dragon Gabriel, who fatally injures Zero and kills her dragon companion, Michael.

Drakengard 3

Branch A

Note: This branch ties into Shi ni Itaru Aka.
You're...not...the only one...who's ready to sacrifice...everything...
A year later, Zero hunts down all the Intoners and stands before One once again. One once again summons her dragon Gabriel to fight in her stead. Gabriel proves to be too powerful for Michael's resurrected form, Mikhail, as he dies from his injuries. Instead of using his last dragon wish to reincarnate, Mikhail wishes for Zero to win. Zero, powered by Mikhail's wish and her own determination manages to defeat Gabriel and One both. Zero swings her sword down and cuts off One's head. While she's distracted mourning the death of her dragon, Zero is stabbed by One's male twin brother.

Branch B: The Price

One was lured to the forest by Three who had the intention of killing her. However, something had gone amiss and had resulted in the death of One by the hands of Two. Zero gazes at One's impaled corpse while a deranged Two dances in front of her.

Branch C: Emesis

Zero encounters One in the Cathedral City's Underground Lair, where One summons Abdiel to battle them. At the end of the fight, Abdiel fuses their cores to summon Gabriel to attack Zero. Mikhail attacks and destroys Gabriel, but was killed in the exchange. An enraged One battles with Zero one last time, but is ultimately killed. Before she dies, she tells Zero that she is the final Intoner without a powerful dragon to kill her.

Branch D: The Flower

Zero encounters One in the outskirts of Cathedral City, engaging her in close combat. During battle, One regales Zero with a familiar concept: The world doesn't need Intoners. Both acknowledge a similar goal in destroying their sisters, ultimately destroying themselves and thus saving the world. However, One fails to convince Zero of her convictions despite the latter having previously acknowledged the former's ability at maintaining her awareness independent of the flower's intentions. One tells Zero that she'll never forgive her for murdering her sisters and she and Zero are forced into a dead-lock after One produces a magic barrier. Octa summons Armisael to constrain One but is transformed back into his original form too soon, rendering his assistance obsolete.

As Zero and One continue their stalemate with One bolstering her defenses with the power of Song, Accord suddenly appears with her luggage and knocks away One's magic barrier. She pushes One into the ground and strangles her, effectively delaying her song's effects. Accord aids Zero in permanently eliminating One by sacrificing her own body so Zero's sword would hit. After piercing One in the head with her sword, One lets out a blood-curdling scream as the flower's magic begins to fade away from her deceased body.

Following the flower's final transformation, One is seen as a giant white statue along with her sisters during The Final Song. She crumbles into pieces and is sealed into another world by Mikhail who rids the world of the flower's influence.

Drag-On Dragoon 3 Story Side

Note: This branch ties into the events of Drakengard.

One fuses with her brother as a Nightmare (monster) for the SINoALICE collaboration event. Unlike her sisters, One appears to be more coherent. She abducts Mikhail to hasten the Flower's demise, presumably dying again when Zero slaughters the Nightmares opposing her rescue attempt.

One can be used as a character by players. Their Nightmare form can be rewarded to players through the event and guild gacha; if it is equipped, the twins can be summoned to boost the effects of Wind weapons.

Spoilers end here.


You comprehend nothing! You destroy the peace we created! You kill your own flesh and blood! And then... you think... You think you can save the world!?
— One to Zero, Drakengard 3

One has sharp intelligence and a strong sense of justice. Unlike her sisters, she feels a severe responsibility towards the well-being of others, even creating a disciple in her own image because she refuses to use another individual as her weapon. Even though she created him both for this purpose and as her back-up in case Zero killed her, she grew very attached to him. She also forms a strong attachment to Gabriella, even when she is forced to remake the dragon as Gabriel. As the leader of the Intoners, she strives to set a new world of order and peace. She also commands vast respect from her army and intense loyalty from her sisters, with each of them doing as she commands whatever they might feel about the details of their missions.

Unlike the other Intoners, One's intoner powers do not manifest in any specific cravings, or at least anything she can define. She also appears to be mentally sound, unlike many of her sisters. She is the only one of the Intoners to understand their true nature, and thus can understand Zero's drive to kill them while opposing it. She opposes Zero and sees her as a traitor to the Intoners.


Among the Intoners, One easily possesses the most magical power among the sisters (barring perhaps Zero), to the point she doesn't even need a Disciple or even to sing to summon daemons. In Branch D, One was able to destroy Armisael with pure magical power through song. In Story Side, One was capable of summoning three daemons (Abdiel, Raphael, and Gabriel) whereas her younger sisters need help from a Disciple just to summon one. She also has the strongest Intoner Mode, even stronger than Zero's.

One uses a chakram as her primary weapon in combat. Although not to Zero's level, in the Utahime Five manga she is capable of fighting with swords, spears, and even unarmed.


The Flower
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  • Besides Zero, One is the only Intoner that is presented in all branches of the main game.
  • Her face, and that of her twin brother as well, bears a great resemblance to Manah and Seere, who follow Brother One's lineage through a woman named Rosa following Ending A or D of Drakengard 3.
  • She shares the same color palette of clothing with Zero.
  • Out of all the sisters, One is the best cook.
  • One is the only sister to not let The Flower take over her body.
  • If left idle long enough in base camps during her DLC missions, One will sit in seiza style, a polite way of sitting in Japan.
  • In Dengeki Online's Drakengard 3 character popularity poll, One was voted in eighth place with some fans mentioning her fashion sense, flat-chest and harboring a guilty secret as part of their reasoning.[2] She placed seventh in the final results, which were published in Drag-on Dragoon 3 Complete Guide. Her rank was seven votes lower than Three's in sixth place.
  • In Dengeki Online's Intoner panties poll, a majority of fans voted white panties for One.[3]
  • Though One was against having sex with her brother, it is revealed in a flashback in Shi ni Itaru Aka and referenced in One's Novella that they did have intercourse.
  • Out of all the sisters, One is the shortest and the smartest.
  • The symbol of the Cult of the Watchers from the first two games actually represents One and her twin brother, making it a sort of early cameo before their debut in the third game, although this was obviously made in retrospect.


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