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Nowe's Sword

Nowe's Sword is the first short sword available to Nowe.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Possesses a great variety of attacks.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Sonic Burst: Unleashes inner energy and revitalizes the wielder's body.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Chapter 4, Verse 3 (chest item)


Drakengard 2[]

  • Dragon's Dance: A standard six-hit attack combination with which swords start.
  • Heaven's Dragonbolt: A side-slashing, six-hit combination ending with a powerful sword thrust that sends a shockwave through the air.
  • Dragon Slash: A combo in which Nowe jumps into the air and thrusts his sword into the ground, creating a shockwave that affects all enemies in the area.
  • Dragon's Thunder: A five-hit attack combination in which Nowe performs a spinning uppercut attack, sending nearby enemies into the air to crash.

Weapon History[]

Level 1

This sword belonged to a hero called Iron Dragon of the Two Swords. It was a gift from a  female knight who trained him for his first battle. It saved the lives of many, including the Iron Dragon. He cherished it as though is was his own body.

Level 2

One day, Iron Dragon entered  hidden land, lead by a priest’s divine guidance. There, he met a dragon who spoke the words of men and a child who spoke the words of dragons. Iron Dragon knew right away that this must be the legendary savior, and asked for custody of the boy. But the dragon sneered...

Level 3

“What right have you to take this child from his father? What could you possibly offer him?” And Iron Dragon replied, “I shall become the child’s father. Without knowledge of human ways, this child would grow to become a wingless dragon – a pointless creature. I vow to raise him to be a fine knight. So it is a future that I offer to the child.”

Level 4

Amused the dragon said, “Fine. You shall take the child, but I shall come with him, for only I can teach him the ways of dragons.” Iron Dragon agreed, and presented his sword as a token of his pledge. The dragon sneered at the foolish human gesture, and threw the sword into his lair--the only world his

child had ever known until then.

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