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A young member of the Knights of the Seal.
He can speak the language of dragons, and travels with the dragon known as Legna. He was branded " the Savior " by the Hierarch Seere. He is a very sensitive youth, with a strong sense of justice. He thinks of Legna as his father and, because of his upbringing, he tends not to open up to people easily.
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Nowe is the principal protagonist in Drakengard 2. Raised by a dragon and a member of the Knights of the Seal, Nowe has a strong sense of justice. He is one of The New Breed, and the only one of his kind.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Not much is known about Nowe's past growing up. He was created by the fusion of Inuart and Furiae in the Seed of Destruction and raised by Inuart's black dragon Legna, whose blood was also part of the fusion. He grew up with Legna, knowing very little about the outside world and only able to speak the language of dragons. Some time later, he was found by General Oror, the leader of the Knights of the Seal. When Oror asked Legna for custody of Nowe, he simply stated, "He will grow up as a wingless dragon here, a pointless creature. Let me take him and I will raise him to be a knight". Legna agreed, but only on the condition that he be allowed to accompany them and remain in Nowe's life, for only Legna could "teach him the ways of dragons." (It can be speculated that Legna spoke such so as to cover up his later darker intentions for the New Breed.)

Nowe grew up under the training and protection of Oror, learning the ways of a human. He made friends with a fellow knight, Eris. The two became very close, and there was a time when Nowe even saved her after she was bitten by a snake by sucking the venom from her wound. Nowe was titled "Savior" by Hierarch Seere, though after Oror's death he was looked down upon by many knights and called the "dragon child."

I wish I could be a savior. I want to save you.
— Nowe to Manah, Drakengard 2

At eighteen years of age, Nowe became a full fledged knight. He went to work right away, protecting the districts of Soul Flame and Shining Life from monsters. During these attacks, Nowe learned more about the seals and the terrible truth behind them. It was explained to him by Eris that the people that lived there were sacrafices for the seal. Nowe initially protested the notion with horror, earning a scolding from Eris and was urged to accept the process for the greater good. It was soon after that when Nowe met and was captivated by the mysterious Manah. She led an attack on the district of Soul Flame, and Nowe witnessed the death of its guardian at her hands. Even after this, Nowe still didn't believe that Manah deserved to be put to death. After Manah escaped, Nowe helped track her down, but lost her trail. After the pursuit was halted, he was invited for a drink by General Gismor. It was there that he learned the truth, that Gismor had poisoned Oror. He had even just poisoned Nowe. Filled with rage, Nowe involuntarily transformed into his New Breed state for a brief minute and struck Gismor, severing his arm. After his alternate form had subsided and his head cleared, Eris entered the room to a grim scene. Weakened by the poison and running out of time, Nowe fled the shocked Eris. The knights pursued him until he met up with Legna and escaped.

After Nowe fled the knights, he changed out of his knight attire and decided to head for home. It was there that he found Manah once more. She asked for his help in destroying the seals and he accepted. The two were soon attacked by the knights and Eris, Eris believeing Nowe to be under Manah's spell. Nowe and Manah headed to the district of Hallowed Water, defeating the knights there. They fought the district guardian Hanch, and her pact-partner Kelpie. After the battle, they decided they needed more information so they headed to the city of Rust. There, they met a masked man, who turned out to be Urick, an old friend of Oror's and a ex-knight. Urick decided to join them on their journey, fighting more knights to get out of the town. There, they were confronted by Caim, otherwise known as the "One Eyed Man", the same who had killed General Oror. Nowe put his revenge aside however, as he needed to get an ailing Manah to safety. They escaped and headed to the district of Precious Light.

There, the three fought through an army of knights and defeated Yaha, the guardian of that district. Needing to get information on the next district, the group left to find a city again. They fought a group of bounty hunters that were terrorizing the city and got their next lead. They went to an empty valley to find this informant, only to find that it was a trap set by Eris. The group fought through hundreds of knights, only to be stopped by Caim's attack once more. The group retreated once again. After they rested, Manah parted ways with Nowe, and he went with Urick to the district of Shining Life. It was there however, that they learned that Manah had been captured. Their quest to save Manah led them to General Gismor once again. Nowe battled Gismor and freed Manah. Now a team again, they headed back to the district of Shining Life. They reached its key, the holy flowers. However, Caim was waiting for them. In the midst of these events, Nowe learned that Urick was the district's guardian. Nowe battled with Caim, unwilling to let Urick die. Nowe lost the battle and Urick gave his life to save him, thus breaking the seal. Nowe gave his respects to Urick and left to continue on their quest.

Their journey took them to the District of Holy Time. They fought the rest of the knights and made their way into the tower. They were met by Gismor and Eris. As Nowe lunged to attack, Gismor transformed into his shade form and used Eris as a shield. He ran away, leaving Nowe to hold Eris in his arms. Nowe's tears fell as rage burned for the loss of his friend. Eris apologized for trying to stop Nowe, telling him where the key was. Nowe left with Manah and hunted down Gismor. They fought, and Nowe turned out the victor yet again. Gismor refused Nowe the satisfaction of killing him by thrusting his own sword into the district's key, The Holy Hourglass, in an attempt to take both warrior's lives in the explosion. Nowe narrowly escaped and was met by Hierarch Seere. Seere told them that the point of the seals was to hold the red dragon, and that now she would let lose her wrath on the world. With this in mind, Nowe set out of stop the red dragon and final seal, Angelus.

Nowe and Legna found Angelus ravaging the land and engaged in battle, after which they pursued her to the castle of the goddess. Nowe felt familiarity in the castle, saying that it filled him with sadness. After fighting through hordes of undead, Nowe finally made his way to the red dragon. Caim was also there, and Legna explained that the two are pact-partners. Caim asked Nowe to kill Angelus and, though with a heavy heart and Legna's urging, he succeeded. Nowe observed the two embrace in their final moments, wondering what kind of bond they must've shared, one different from that of himself and Legna. With the final seal destroyed, the sky shattered as though made of glass, revealing a new ghoulish atmosphere. Nowe then sought Seere for help since Manah had been driven insane by the chaos of the world. Before finding Seere, Nowe was met with strange monsters manifesting from the newly twisted heavens. After the battle, Legna stated that the Dragon Library, an immense floating fortress constructed by dragons, was finally revealed. Legna explained to Nowe that it is there that Nowe would find answers. They arrived only to be attacked by Holy Dragons. They fought and pressed onward, eventually reaching the Library. There, Nowe learned about Caim and Angelus, the truth of his birth, and that he is the New Breed.

After leaving, Nowe discovered an airship under attack. They saved the ship only to find that Eris is still alive. Manah however, has gone completely insane and has been taken over by the gods once more. Nowe delved into the inner workings of her mind and fought off the nightmarish representations of her past and memories, thus restoring her sanity. Eris then stated that their next move would be to depart to the Holy Lands to save the world, and they set off.

Ending Paths

Route A
They arrive at the Holy Lands, and Legna refuses to let Nowe help them establish the seals once more. He takes them to the Bone Casket, saying that Nowe is to be the weapon of dragonkind, the New Breed. He states it has always been Nowe's destiny to fight the gods. Nowe refuses and Legna attacks, subduing him before departing to wage war against the gods on his own. In his despair, Nowe tells Manah that he wishes he could save her. Manah confesses and confirms their underlying love with a kiss. Invigorated by this, Nowe transforms into his Newbreed state and flies after Legna with a newfound confidence and power. The two battle, and as Nowe defeats Legna, the dragon releases his earlier anger and praises Nowe for "surpassing his father" before plummeting to his death. Nowe returns to the Eris and Manah, finding out that Eris is to be the new goddess and that the dragons disappeared. Nowe is devastated that he couldn't save Eris. Nowe stays with Manah, understanding that the world is once again controlled by the gods, and Eris won't be at peace. Nowe and Manah eventually part ways however, unable to stay together because of the guilt they feel over almost destroying the world.

Nowe later becomes the new leader of the Knights of the Seal. He regularly writes letters to Eris and visits the Castle of the Goddess yearly on the day the Red Dragon died.

Route B
Nowe attempts to enter the bone casket, deciding that becoming a weapon and embracing dragonkind's vision for a new world without gods would be the best choice. He is rejected however, and battles with it. The casket takes over Manah, and now Nowe must kill Manah. He does so, with great regret. Afterwards, Nowe and Eris join with the holy dragons, beginning their battle with the gods.

Route C

Nowe battles the bone casket, saving Manah. He then transforms into the New Breed and kills Legna. Afterwards, both the gods and the holy dragons are gone, leaving the world free from their reign. Nowe now stands with Eris, Manah, and Seere, taking the fate of humanity into their hands.

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Nowe's personality is odd compared to other Drakengard protagonists; he is depicted as naive, soft-spoken, and caring. He has strong feelings on many matters, seeing the world in black and white rather than shades of grey. Many of these traits can be traced back to his "parents" Inuart and Furiae. One trait that is unique to him is his altruism, which compels him to aid others he sees as worthy even to his own detriment.

When faced with someone he despises, his control quickly falters and his ruthless side takes hold. This side of him only increases in his New Breed form. He also showed a coldness in fighting the Union's enemies when he fought for them, cutting them down with only a mild protest. These contradictions, and his confused feelings when talking to either Ulric or the women in his life, show him to be rather immature emotionally.


You're kind and gentle, yet somewhat wild.
— Eris, Drakengard 2

Nowe is known to have the skills of a knight and the ferocity of a dragon. In his New Breed form, Nowe's power increases to a greater degree, being able to kill a powerful dragon like Legna single-handedly.

Nowe's crest bears a strong similarity to Inuart's pact symbol. Despite being a fusion of Inuart and Furiae, he does not retain the pact Inuart made with Legna. This means that he does not have the ability to telepathically communicate with other Pact-Partners


The Queen
Angelus 01
Red Dragon
DOD Caim Art
Furiae Art
Legna Third form
Black Dragon


Dengeki Online conducted a follow up interview series to their character popularity poll with series's producer Takamasa Shiba and series's character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka. Shiba admires Nowe's Japanese voice actor for his debut role and likes him as a protagonist. There were plans to make Nowe have a darker personality, but they were dropped since Shiba couldn't conceive it. Fujisaka feels Nowe's look as a "honest protagonist type" translates well; he went on to name Drakengard 2 as his personal favorite game between the two predecessor titles because it has the most polish as a game. Fujisaka admits he "bust up a lung" when he first saw the cinematic for Nowe's New Breed transformation.

Nowe wears Furiae's bracelet around his neck just as Manah wears Caim's bracelet around her wrist. The link signifies passing on the torch between these characters.



  • Because Nowe was born by fusing Inuart and Furiae, this makes him Caim's nephew. Their genetic relationship is never brought to light, though it would have lent significance to their duel.
  • Nowe does a comedy routine in the Dragon language that can make any Dragon burst out laughing.
  • Nowe feels profound familiarity and sadness when he enters the Castle of the Goddess. This is likely due to the faded memories from both Furiae and Inuart stirring within him.
  • According to a sketch by Fujisaka in the DOD 10th Anniversary -World Inside- book, Nowe was originally named "Aleph".
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