Nier's Blade is a weapon in Drakengard 3.



  • DLC


Weapon History

Level 1
Yonah, stop. Sit down and eat. If you keep running around like this you're going to drop your pie on the- See? What'd I say? You're already making a big mess.

Level 2
Emil! Quit rummaging through my closet, will you? There's nothing in there but a bunch of old underwear. You sit down, too, and finish your soup.

Level 3
Where'd Kainé go? ...Huh? She went to find more food? But I gave her an entire roast pig! How in the world did she eat that entire thing?

Level 4
In a quiet dream, I think of the world that was lost. I think of the people and my own past self. And I think of the happiness I'll never again know.


  • This weapon is called the Beastlord in the NieR series.
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