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A_4030 : Little Sister.

Draft by: Yoko Taro

Written by: Shiromoto Nao

Fan-Translated by:  Barnabism#5350

Her eyes suddenly awoke to the nostalgic scent of grass that tickled her nostrils. A small piece of stitched up cloth shook in the wind in front of her, an instant tent made by tying a piece of fabric to a tree branch. Though it was only a cloth, it was better than choosing just the shade of a tree, and turned the rays of the noontime sun into an oddly gentle light. Soft grass wrapped around her body. The moment she closed her eyes again for that comforting feeling…

“You’re awake?”

The face of a boy peered through the tent, and, surprised by the voice, Furiae suddenly got up.

“I was told by the deputy captain to come wake you.”

She looked up and blinked several times at the laughing boy, who said she had gotten up at just the right time, and Furiae’s eyes drew to the sword on his hip, a tough weapon to make up for the boy’s lean body. Her mind cleared as soon as she remembered the significance of those words, and their current situation.

That’s right. Soon she would have to pick up the sword just the same, and fight those people.

Furiae thanked the boy, got dressed and went outside of the tent. She stretched out her sleepy, stiff muscles, and sucked in a breath.

Hopeless… She had intended to take a short break, but ended up falling asleep for a long time instead.

The surroundings were surprisingly quiet… There was a reminiscent,  gentle flow of time and scenery in the afternoon of a peaceful village far from the war.

The sky was a perfectly clear blue, and white, thin clouds extended and floated overhead. Plants were caught between the crevices of the rocky mountains spread around the area, and occasionally a pleasant breeze drifted through. Furiae inhaled the refreshing air to her chest.

However, no matter how nice and refreshing the scenery was, it was certain that war was spreading in each region of the country. If she looked around, she could see people laying still in the shade of the trees so they wouldn’t be found by enemies in the sky, and the dragon’s large bodies curled up to rest in the shadow of a rocky mountain.

A scene where humans and dragons live together. It seemed as if it were a lie that humans and dragons once lived without crossing paths with each other.

The boy happened to be standing nearby for some time, having been waiting for Furiae’s weapon. She looked at him in worry, as he had a very serious face.

“I’m going to see what the silver dragon looks like.”

She gave him a smile of reassurance to reassure the boy before she began walking, greeting the surrounding soldiers who returned it with a large smile.

A dragon and a human meeting together to form an alliance. Before Furiae had joined as leader of the group, it was nothing more than a great disorderly gathering of people. It was she herself who had taken the information gathered from the various allied countries in the Union and analysed the amount of danger in the surrounding area to give as much advice as possible, albeit in a few words. The advice was accurate and saved the camp from crisis many times, and so she had been appointed commander. As for why Furiae, who was once a low-ranking farmer for the soldiers, had knowledge of unit operations was because she had kept watching her brother, who was a captain for the knights…

“Miss Furiae, it missed you.”

Furiae walked over to a soldier,  a dog at his feet and shaking its tail. The reddish-brown lump of hair gives an expectant look towards Furiae.

“... Don’t follow me.”

The dog tilted it’s head, not understanding her words. The dog had stayed in the Union before she knew it, and it was surprisingly easy for Furiae to grow attached and start stroking it’s fur on a whim. And whenever Furiae started walking, it always ran up to her from somewhere and started to follow her.

“I’ll end up trampling on you.”

The dog still didn’t understand her words and played happily at Furiae’s feet.

“Come on…”

It was hopeless. She was heading to the dragon. One wrong step, and the little dog would easily be crushed. That said, she was a little hesitant to treat the dog so cruelly, as it was reminiscent of her childhood chasing her brother.

Furiae looked down to the dog at her feet. Then, she extended her palm in front of it to settle it down.

“Inuart, stay!”

It seemed the dog understood the command after it had been repeated, and immediately stopped moving.

“It only listens to Miss Furiae’s orders.”

“We are the same as the dog. Miss Furiae always dares to stand on the frontlines of the cruel battlefield, so let’s stand by her side!”

The soldiers around her laughed at the dog who obediently obeyed, and smiled when Furiae called it a good boy.

“Inuart, right here. Stay.”

It was worth the training, as the dog did not follow Furiae who passed on by with her palm outstretched. At times, it was easy to forget about battles and the fact they were soldiers stationed in a camp when playing with the dog. However, the heart that it had given Furiae was quietly held within limits as she approached the dragons.

There were a number of dragons resting in the shade of the rocks. Furiae eyes squinted at the reflection off the dragon’s silver scales. A growl came from the large silver dragon, and it stretched it’s head towards Furiae. Furiae waved her hand to the dragon and spoke in a gentle voice.

“How are you?”

There was no reply. When she touched the cold scales, she heard a low, thundering growl as if it were an answer. There were quite a few dragons capable of using language, however…. It seemed as if this silver dragon had never spoken.

“... At this point it’s life is already done for.”

She leans against the silver dragon’s body, depositing her weight onto it.

Almost done for….”

The children who had finished arranging the weapons were frolicking in the background. Furiae looked towards the shrill voice of the chief. The children in the Union were war orphans, who she decided to take care of under the condition they worked at the base; the mixed union between dragons and humans lacked the power to undertake the chores, likely due to their prejudice against dragons.

Five, six boys ran around in Furiae’s line of sight, though the girls in the camp couldn’t keep up. Waiting for them to run ahead, the girl called out in a young voice, “Brother”. One of the boys stopped in his tracks. He waited for her with a slightly annoyed look, took her hand, and the two started running again.

This time he slowed down for her.

Furiae began to follow the brother and sister from a distance; there used to be a period of time where she was desperately chasing the back of a person and having him withdraw. Just like that girl, just like that dog, she just wanted him to turn around. The elder brother’s hand, which grabbed onto the young Furiae’s hand, had remained young itself all the same. The number of wounds from his sword training had healed with discipline, but her brother’s hands were broken. Even so, he softly wrapped them around the smooth, young hands of little Furiae.

She looked at her palms. The flesh that chose to hold the sword with has become completely hardened… There was nothing left of the hand that knew nothing of hardship.

Still, if one day I can regain his gentle hand with this hand…


Her older brother, her older brother Caim. He was broken, my dear older brother….

“It will be alright. I’m sure….”

She leans against the body of the silver dragon and squeezes her eyes shut. Beneath her eyelids she remembered her brother’s gentle smile, the same one from that time… And as usual, his smile he wore on the back of her eyelids had been stained red and disappeared…

…Just like that day.

It is thicker than water, but there are no tears. If washed away, it will disappear and will be lost forever.


Her brother always turns around, even if the call is unspoken… Like when she ran through the castle, like when she fell.


Her brother turned around, called her name, and extended his hand. Her brother was serious and spoke little, though he was not a cold person. On the contrary, the voice that called Furiae’s name was kinder than anyone else’s.

That was enough for her. Her brother’s kindness warmed her heart, the feel of her brother’s hand was more important than anything else in the world. Though she was born into the royal family of a small kingdom called Caerleon, it was a humble life. When she thought about it, those peaceful, happy days remained dear to her heart.

Now that he was grown, Caim was absorbed in practising the sword. Once he had also been serious about his academic studies, but it seemed like swordsmanship suited him very well, his immersion bordering obsession.

While he cluelessly swings his sword, Furiae does not call for him.

She wasn’t getting in the way of her brother. She couldn’t bear when she spoke to Caim when he was concentrating, the feeling as if she was hated came like a tsunami. She tells herself she’s good as long as she only watches, and looks over him. I should have been able to put up with the fact that I don't get as much attention as I used to. Even if our bodies grow, our relationship should not change.

No matter how kind my brother is, do not hinder him. Do not do anything that could result in indecent thoughts.

Those indecent thoughts always happened when Furiae thought back to the conflict in the past... When she had those bad dreams.

It was nearing her brother’s birthday celebration. A maid ran around preparing for the feast, but by the time she had realised something was wrong, it was already too late. The disturbingly quiet air that had settled in the castle had been torn apart by a sudden rampage. One after another, the people in the castle grew violent, and by the time their eyes had been dyed red, their humanity had already been lost. They began to attack and kill others in a maddened state; the kind people, the acquainted people, the strict people, the women in the kitchen, the trustworthy soldiers, everyone’s eyes had been dyed red as the last, and the tragic murders spread in the blink of an eye.

Slaughter. A metallic smell. Blood. A black dragon. Someone was being eaten by the dragon… Who was it? Red eyes. Bloodspill. Someone’s strewn limbs. Scattered fingers. Someone’s splattered entrails. Who did they belong to? Blood. Crimson blood. Someone’s blood.

That day, their vision and world was all dyed red.

Her throat was sore, her fingertips were cold  and her knees trembled. Her breathing was ragged, sweat flowing down her body, and a groan left her chest in pain. And though she was unaware of it, a smile stretched its way across her face.

She tried to remember the tragedy that happened in the past, but no memories came to mind. It was always like that when she tried to think back on that day. Furiae struggled to think about something else while she adjusted her breathing.

About six years have passed since then. The Empire, led by the “Cult of the Watchers” was destroyed in the war with the Union, and her brother was named Caerleon’s representative. The red eyes have been eradicated. A new era of coexistence with the dragons led by the Union had began, and it seemed like both sides had been waiting for that peace to pervade. … But behind the scenes, the lords, who had lost a common enemy of the Empire, were overwhelmed with the rising political strife and began treating the once proud dragons as if they were less than livestock, with excessive greed.

The dragons obediently submitted to the human’s orders were worked in a hard environment and continued to be slaughtered.

…As a result, the dragon species finally raised the flag of rebellion against the Union…. They were called by the title of  “The Anti-Union”.

The uprising dragons defeated the Union’s powers one after another, and the lords were unprepared for the sudden rebellion. Though they had lost many soldiers, the Union eventually launched a brutal counterattack that evened the number. War once again broke out in various parts of the country, and once again it was filled with murder and chaos.

What came as a surprise, though, was that after they learned of the situation, some humans actually took the side of the dragons. The reasons varied from person to person; those who were upset with the current political state of things, those who believed the dragons were justified, those who wanted to change the world for the better… People with various ideas who chose to fight with the dragons did just that. Furiae was one of those people.

The Anti-Union of humans and dragons were divided into several parts, and they fought with the Union in various places. The Union would not forgive any human or dragon, as long as they rebelled. The lords’ horrendous discrimination, murder, and merciless attacks upon those from the Anti-Union continues even now.

And not only that…. Her brother…. Her brother and the red dragon that followed him were still in the Union.

“My brother has changed…”

A long time ago, after Caerleon was destroyed… At that time her brother was still living with her, to protect her. Whether he was simply making a living as a mercenary or had an obsessive desire for revenge inside his heart, he only sometimes remembered Furiae and barely seemed to stay by her side.

But her brother, who was noble and dignified, has loved her since he went to that snowy mountain. Her older brother, who returned with the red dragon, gained terrifying strength. After that, her brother had been absorbed in battle. Eventually, it reached a point where Furiae didn’t know who her murderous brother was fighting for, and her calls would not reach him.

Even after the battle with the Empire and the Union was over, her brother was fighting in various places in search of a battle.  Even after the start of the war, when the dragon species began their uprise, there were rumours of her brother that had reached Furiae’s ears as “The berserker on the battlefield”.

A mistaken world. Her brother made a mistake somewhere. Even the humans of the earth and the dragons are unable to fix the world. However, his only relative, his sister, can correct that mistake her brother made.

“I am the only one.”

Furiae strokes the silver dragon, determined to keep that wish in her heart. Then, she straddled the saddle that the soldiers had provided.

The fronts of both the Union and the Anti-Union had expanded, and sporadic battles were taking place in various parts of the country. She heard that the Union was at a disadvantage in the battle taking place not far from her base, and from the flag the enemy raised, she found that the unit on the field was under direct control from the royal family from a certain kingdom.

The unit was lead by one of the younger brothers of the prince of the kingdom, Furiae once met him face to face — He was a cowardly man with a narrow mind, and was incomparable to Caim. Even so, he was still the prince of a country… He could not be killed, and will have been withdrawn should the tide of war grow unfavourable. If he were to withdraw, they would have to take a road that crosses through the rocky mountains in the west. Reinforcements were to be sent from the Union’s main force to aide in the withdrawal…. It was the perfect operation.

… If it hadn’t been leaked by insiders.

The unit with Furiae, who was based near the withdrawal route, intended to destroy the unit of the young prince that planned to withdraw before the reinforcements arrived.

This operation was expected to be risky. Perhaps some of the Union’s reinforcements… No, there was a nine out of ten chance her brother would be there… It was the role of the bloodthirsty to serve in the at the back of such a harsh battle for withdrawal. However… If the troops of the young prince are destroyed before her brother arrives, Furiae would have a chance to correct and save her brother from the path he was on…

“Hurry, I want to see my brother!”

Furiae let out a breath and clung to the silver dragon.

The wind blew. The other dragons that rested in the shade of the rock raised their heads to look at the sky, slowly they spread their wings and stood up.


Using the dragon’s reaction as a signal, a soldier’s voice echoed. The base began to move in a sudden rush, the patrol was reporting to their leader, the dog yelped. The children carried a load of baggage and began to run towards the shade of the rocks, and the soldier standing watch yelled.

They confirmed what they saw with their own eyes; the unit of the young prince. The Union was withdrawing.

The smoke signal to sound the beginning of battle rose.

“Everyone, advance!”

The dragons of the Anti-Union who flew overhead shot down the flying ships of the Union in flames, and both cavalry and infantry of the Anti-Union ambush from front and rear the Union troops withdrawing on the ground —  The Union was quick to fight back, however, and their attacks were extraordinarily fierce. The sound of an explosion was heard, craters formed in the ground with each cannonball shot from the flying ships, and human bodies scattered limb from limb. The ships release a devastating number of arrows in an attempt to shoot down the attacking dragons, however, they skillfully dodged it and spewed flames from their mouths which mercilessly burned the Union soldiers alive.

“Do not back down! We will annihilate the enemy before reinforcements arrive, and cut down their troops at once!”

The silver dragon glides over the battlefield with Furiae on it’s back as the soldier’s ferocious cries echo down below. By the time the reinforcements were to arrive, the troops of the young prince ought to have been annihilated.


The battlefield looked like hell already. Clouds of dust, gunpowder, the smell of blood and burning skin, the sound of explosions and ripping flesh, the final voice of a person burning into a lump of meat. Furiae flies close to the ground with the silver dragon as cannonballs fire from the Union’s ships one after another. The silver dragon moved swiftly to avoid the bombs, twisting itself and aiming for the flying ships before it released a fireball. A sluggish ship was unable to avoid the attack, and was directly bombarded by the attack. Enemy soldiers were wrapped in flames, breaking into a mad dance and rolling off the side of the ship.

The silver dragon was brilliantly agile, capable of making small turns even in the sky; while avoiding bombs and arrows, it fell the flying ships one after another. It even seemed like the other dragonbacked soldiers of the Anti-Union were struggling to catch up with the determined fight of the silver dragon. At this point, it was safe to leave low altitude.

“Now, while we still have time…”

The control of the ground was left to the other soldiers, and the dragon shook its head slightly the moment she pulled the reins to head towards the ship flying farther overhead.

“What is it? We must head towards the sky….”

Furiae put her hand on the dragon’s neck, looking into its face.

…What followed was the rising sound of cheers and screams throughout the battlefield. What happened?  Just as Furiae raised her head, another young soldier on dragonback approached the silver dragon’s side. Furiae called over to ask about the soldier’s unusual behaviour.

“What happened!? What on earth is going on!?”

“Please turn back now! There is a red…!”

Both the soldier and the dragon were massacred in an explosion of flame before they could reach the end of the message.


“Wh-What in the name of the Gods was that….!?”

“Up there!”

“A dragon, it’s a dragon!!”

“A Union dragon!!”

There was a dragon in the Union's forces. Furiae looked up to the sky with the other soldiers.

High in the sky was the shadow of a dragon. The shadow swooped down at a tremendous speed and released a fireball from its mouth, the fellow dragons  shot down again and again under flames that fell like rain.

“That is the Union’s dragon… Is that the berserker of the battlefield!?”

The red dragon broke through the centre of a group of other dragons flying nearby Furiae and the others with a roar during its plummet downwards, shooting back up a moment before it hit the ground.

Her eyes widened. A red dragon. A Union dragon.  There was only one in the Union’s forces. When her brother went to the snowy mountains, he only brought back a red dragon

“Broth... er...?”

“Hm? Wh… What…? Furiae!! Go!!”

Shaking off the voices of her soldiers, Furiae and the silver dragon began to chase after the red dragon. The wings of the silver dragon flapped to the point it felt as if they would tear, but it was still having trouble catching up to the distant red shadow.


She finally found him! Brother… How many years has it been since then? How long has it been since she’s last seen her brother’s figure? How long has it been since he’s last seen Furiae?

“Caim! Caim!”

Her brother didn’t stop looking over his shoulder to her, dragons dropping one after another. Following them deeper into the sky, Furiae steadily ascends. Ocassionally a Union ship would fire bombs towards them, but Furiae’s silver dragon dodged all of them.

“... BROTHER!!”

She didn’t know if her voice reached his ears. Caim flew upwards, downwards, left and right through the sky and shot down Anti-Union dragons one after another. The odd trajectory seemed as if it was… Deliberately moving away from Furiae.


The red dragon stopped attacking with it’s flames and began to ram into the rebelling dragons, Caim using his sword to cut away closer ranged enemies. A soldier riding a dragon is ripped in half with a single blow, and their arms and neck rain down in front of Furiae. She couldn’t keep her emotions from overflowing just then, as if invited to by the smell of blood.

“Brother, look, brother! This is wrong! Because I never had a brother like this!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, not caring in the slightest if her throat was crushed doing it. She finally met her brother. So after everything, Caim would have to—

“Brother, please! Why have you changed!? I never wanted this! Me and brother were always together…”

Sparks flew right next to her, and Caim flew farther away. Furiae desperately reached her hand out to him.

“Brother, please………”

Furiae’s vision was clouded by smoke and clouds as she chased Caim even further up into the sky.

“Please… Turn around….”

Caim soars through the sky at terrifying speed in search of more enemies. The red dragon glanced back at their desperate pursuit, and made a sudden reversal as if it were in an attempt to shake them off. With the silver dragon unable to keep up, Caim went to drop another enemy dragon.

“Brother….. Look at me….”

Furiae still kept after them. Since then, she had only gone on the battlefield and killed people the the sake of finding her brother again. And finally, she was here… But…

“Brother…. I was separated from you, brother, but I wanted to see you again. I wanted to see you and so I got closer to the battlefield where I knew you would be!! I am your only little sister, you must stop!!”

As soon as she reached the same altitude as her brother, the red dragon took off again. Furiae gripped tightly onto the reins and soared after them.

“I knew my brother would be on the cruel battlefield because I was always with him, all the time. So it was simple… It was better to have gone to the worst battlefields from the soldier’s information and guide them little by little. I did not make it in time for them, but I got to see you, brother! I WAS ABLE TO SEE YOU, BROTHER!”

The red dragon turns, changes direction, and starts to glide towards the ground.


She couldn’t reach him. No matter where she went, she couldn’t reach him.

Furiae clutched tightly onto the reins with one hand, and desperately extended her other towards her brother on the red dragon. Her outstretched hand couldn’t reach him, either. The head of a soldier that Caim had cut off fell right next to Furiae, who hopelessly reached out to him. Furiae had become attached to him like the dog the soldiers often laughed at. Flying limbs. Red blood. Protruding entrails. Somehow, an uplifted feeling of exhilaration erupts in Furiae.

“Ha…. Hahaha….”

Furiae begins to laugh. Her heart had grown discomposed with the scent of blood. Red innards… Her brother didn’t turn around. Her feelings went past mere frustration and irritation, and violence deprived from Furiae’s heart and mind.

“Hahaha!! Brother!

She couldn’t get her brother.

“...... BROTHER! Brother, Caim, my brother, look at me, won’t you look at me!? Look at me, LOOK AT ME!!! Brother, hey, I’ve always been watching you! When I was young, after I grew up, even now! I’ve always been watching you for a long time, brother!”

The red dragon pretended to land on the ground before shooting back into the sky and toying with the silver dragon, clearly attempting to once again distance itself from Furiae. Finally she got to see him… Furiae also shoots up after them.

Those happy days. It was nice just to look back on them. Because she was his little sister, she was always by his side. But today was different… She couldn’t get him back unless she reached towards it with force.

“I always watched when you were absorbed in your sword practice, Caim. When you swung your sword with your arms that built up muscle bit by bit, I’ve been watching them grow more and more prominent, your toned abs, your broad back, all the time I’ve been looking at your strong body. You never paid any mind to the sweat that flowed while you were invested in your training. But I was watching, I was watching the flowing sweat that rolled down your nape, down your forehead, how it would scatter when you moved your arm. The way it made your bangs stick to your forehead was so commanding! And I saw when your swings exceeded five-hundred, one-thousand, your rough breathing and your low voice. Brother~! Caim, my brother, look at me! Look, look! Touch me, touch me!!”

Another Anti-Union dragon stood in the path of the red dragon from afar.

“Brother… I… I’m filthy. I was always thinking about you, brother, do you not think that’s filthy? I’m just like a whore, aren’t I? It’s okay to hold me in contempt, just please look at me! Brother! Look at me, please?? Look at me, LOOK AT ME!! BROTHER….”

The silver dragon pushed its wings and speeds up towards the red dragon. Furiae and the silver dragon caught up and had the red dragon within range while it was busy shooting down the Anti-Union dragon in their path with flames. Furiae slowly reaches for the sword on her waist.

If he couldn’t go back to being the brother he was, if she couldn’t have him…


Broken and screaming, Furiae removed the sword from its sheath.

From the beginning, she was going to fix everything and finish it with that hand, as she had been chasing him until now…

At that distance, it was impossible to avoid coming into range of her brother and the red dragon. The red dragon in particular held Furiae in a slightly pitiful regard, but it was no matter now.


The silver dragon nearly rammed into its body, the red dragon barely dodging the attack. The enchanting flight of the two dragons was as if they were tangled together, the silver dragon spitting a fireball from its mouth. Once again the red dragon avoided the attacks, though the continuous stream of fire attacks made for a small break in space between them. Furiae raised her sword towards the red dragon and…


Furiae suddenly lost her balance. The sword she had been waiting to use, her arm waiting to use that sword flew through her distorted field of view. The silver dragon loses its stance, and is instantly pushed aside by the red dragon.

An arm with no elbow reaches for her brother. A red dragon. Blood splattered from the nub of her arm. The smell of blood filled their nostrils. Finally, she was able to feel Caim, her brother’s  touch again.

In both pain and joy, Furiae sees it. Her brother’s mouth moves in a small cry, “No!”


She… Didn’t see any feelings in her brother’s dark eyes.

“Th… Those eyes…”

The red dragon flaps its wings and flies away from Furiae, as if differing itself from Caim’s order. Furiae attempted to cover her face with her stubbed arm.

“.... Don’t look…. At me..”

At the moment she had reached the climax of her shame, both Furiae and the silver dragon’s bodies were wrapped in flames. The silver dragon shrieked, their vision shook violently.

There came a splatter of blood as their bodies hit part of a surviving airship, whether it was her own or that of the silver dragon’s she didn’t know… It was a deep, crimson red.

Furiae and the silver dragon fell from the sky, and though the silver dragon struggled desperately, Caim flew steadily away; both the shadows of he and the red dragon became nothing more than black shadows.

“Still, no matter what…”

Blood spouted from her mouth. Wait. It dances in the sky, and the earth is covered in flames. Wait. I’m still not enough. The silver dragon struggles. An outstretched arm that no longer has fingertips cuts through the air, and several arrows are shot through Furiae’s body as she approaches the ground.

“Ah! It’s a silver dragon!! And a commander of the Anti-Union!!”

A voice calls from somewhere. Furiae tries to speak, but nothing comes out. Her throat, clogged with blood, just moved. Furiae squeezed out a single word.

“..... Broth… er…”

…. Why, Furiae? Why did you turn out like this?

Brother laughs like I couldn’t help it, and he grabs and holds the hand I so desperately chased. What is it, brother? After all, he did not change. My…. Gentle, loving brother Caim.

My vision is dyed red, like that day.

On that day, I saw the crimson-coloured bodies of my parents who had been ripped apart by the dragon.

In my red-stained vision, my brother was not there.

My desperately choked out voice never reached his ears.

…Furiae never called for her brother again.