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Zero's Cottage is Zero's hideout located in the Land of Seas. After losing her arm and Michael at the Cathedral City, Zero retreats to her hideout to recover. It is also the place in which she meets Accord for the first time.

After the battle at the Cathedral City, Zero to refuge in the Land of Seas for a year until she had fully recovered from her injury. She and Mikhail leave the cottage and set out to kill Five. They come across a battleship on the coastline to which Zero orders Mikhail to sink while she fights the ground troops. Zero finally leave the area once she reaches Accord's Weapon Shop.

At some point after Five's death, Zero returns to the Land of Seas to search for clues regarding Branches in her cottage. Shortly after, Accord appears in the cottage and tells Zero that all branches end in disaster right before leaving, much to Zero's frustration.

Sometime later, Zero meets several Accord androids in her cottage and tell them the story of how she met Michael.