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Land of Sands

The Desert is a large open area located in the Land of Sands.

One and Gabriella come to the Desert to defeat the remnants of the lords of the land. Upon completing the mission, Gabriella tells one of the Forest of Trials, and take her and her brother to the location.

Four comes to the Desert to recover stolen treasure from rouge soldiers. She asks Gabriella to help, but she refuses. During her mission Decadus implies that Four would look beautiful wearing some of the jewelry. To which she eggs him into saying they should take some, much to Gabriella's ire.

Zero comes to the desert in search of Mikhail, who was taken by Cent. Upon stepping into the sand, they were immediately attacked by sorcerers who were intensifying the heat of the sun. Eventually they found Mikhail and were encountered by Cent who warned Zero of that Mikhail will betray her.

Some time later, Zero takes Mikhail to the desert to kill surviving sorcerers. During the mission, Zero answers Mikhail's question about what Michael was like.

During Branch B, Zero attempt to leave the desert, however, is attacked by sorcerers intensifying the cold night.