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Cover album for Kuroi Uta stand-alone single in iTunes

Kuroi Uta (クロイウタ?) is the theme song of Drakengard 3, which is sung by Eir Aoi. The song was released in the album "Sirius" alongside the opening theme of Kill la Kill anime on 13 November 2013. The stand-alone single was released on iTunes on November 6, 2013.

Aoi was asked to sing the song for Drakengard 3 because she is a fan of the Drakengard series. The rerecorded international version uses Emiko Rebecca Evans for the vocals.


Lyrics: Hana Kikuchi
Composition/Arrangement: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA)
Gt: Takanori Goto
Strings: Daisensei Muroya Strings



アタラセ リ
ハメツアウ タ
ケモノト ナリ トキリ
ウバイサ ル
ハリノシラ ベ
リンネノ ヒト タリ
シト ハバタツアミ
コイ クライシロカラ
イツ オア トオク キコエ
アマイ キロクバネ ササメク
コワレタメノ アル ママ
ツクリマイツ アル ママ
アタラセ リ
コオリアウ タ
アクムナ マウ ヒヲ
ムト タチキルシガ
イク アカイモリカラ
イム ベク ケガレ ハラム
ヨワイ アノオモイ ハガレル
イノリノチガ アル ママ
ザンゲノヒガ アル ママ
コワレタトキ ヒト ユメ
ユルサレザル オト ハナ


atarase ri
hametsu wa uta
kemono tonari tokiri
hari no shira be
rinneno hito tari
shito habatatsuami
koi kuraishiro kara
itsu oa tooku kikoe
amai kirokubane sasameku
kuroi hana
ano koe ga
kowareta me no aru mama
kuroi hana
ano uta de
tsukurimaitsu aru mama
atarase ri
kouri ia uta
akumuna mau hio
muto tachikirushiga
iku akaimorikara
imu beku kegare haramu
yowai ano omoi hagareru
kuroi hana
ano koe ga
inori no chiga aru mama
kuroi hana
ano uta de
zange no higa aru mama
saiyaku wa
kowareta toki hito yume
yurusarezaru oto hana

English Translation[]

According to producer Takamasa Shiba, the lyrics are meant to be in Japanese. They are not grammatically correct and focus on literary imagery in ode to the lyrical style found in Nier. Taro Yoko personally requested for Kikuchi to make them hard to understand.

Since the international version remains faithful to the phonetic pronunciations, various fans have contributed to interpretive translations.

A Korean fan under the username "Toma" attempted to interpret the lyrics into modern Japanese. His interpretive translation can be found here with an English translation listed below:

The song of catastrophe
morphs men into beasts
Plucked from the rivets of time,
humans now shunned by the cycle of rebirth
The wings of the apostles flutter by
with the dark castle's wishes
Somehow, the chroniclers of truth
whisper from faraway
A broken eye remains
with that voice from the black flower
Black flowers sing
of things which should never be made
of prohibited thoughts
Regrets frozen in a heart of ice,
Zero dances in a nightmare
A form of nothingness unbound by death,
she emerges from the forest drenched in blood
To destroy the detestable flower of taboo,
she cuts off her weaknesses
Black flowers give voice
to prayers drenched in blood
Black flowers of that song
will not cease until
the day of confessions is done
When that disaster strikes the city streets,
people and dreams will be broken
To end the repeating cycle,
she goes to terminate
the forbidden sound and flower

Rekka Alexiel has also worked on an interpretive translation of this song listed below. The original posting of this translation as well as many of the others from the official soundtrack can be found here .

Everything exposed
The song shall meet its doom
Becoming and killing the monster
All stolen away
The music as needles
As I’m reborn again, alone
Spreading my wings I soar with death
Love shall spring from the darkest of white
When or how distantly may it be heard
How sweetly they whisper, the wings of the past
The black flower
Is the voice
With just its shattered eye
The black flower
Is the song
With just its made-up dance
There be purpose
Everything exposed
The song shall freeze over
I shall dance in nightmares that day
With nothing I break away from death
Emerging from a crimson forest
Pregnant with the tainted children of dread
This pitiful memory is ripped away
The black flower
Is the voice
With just its prayer of blood
The black flower
Is the song
With just a day of repentance
All shall disappear
This disaster
Shall wait and fall
For the time it shatters, to dream
As this repeats
We go our separate ways
You shan’t be forgiven, flower of song,
In the final moment


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