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I don't want to bore you, so I brought my own little pet, Kelpie, for you to play with.
— Hanch


The Kelpie is a type of Hippocampus and is the pact partner of Hanch.

When Hanch was a child, she fell into a lake and was about to drown. The lake monster, Kelpie, offered her a pact in order to save her life. Hanch accepted the pact at the heavy price of her charm. With Kelpie's help, she was able to join the Knights of the Seal and earn the rank of lieutenant and Guardian of the District of Hallowed Water. Hanch and her kelpie were killed by Nowe and Manah at the District of Hallowed Water.


The Kelpie is a sea creature with a horse-like (or unicorn) upper body, a serpent-like lower body, and dragon-like wings. These features allow it to fight on land, air, and sea. It possesses the ability to cast powerful water magic and breathes ice from its mouth.  


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