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Intoner Mode is a unique magical ability accessible to users of the Power of Song. It manifests in a different color for each Intoner respectively, usually corresponding to that Intoners choice of clothing attire. To activate and deactivate it, press the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously.

Powers and Abilities[]

When in Intoner Mode, the user becomes invulnerable to all forms of damage with the exception of other Intoners who are also in Intoner Mode. While in Intoner Mode, the user's speed, reflexes, and power are greatly augmented as they are able to get several dozen strikes off against enemy fighters, often before they can even react. Allowing them to easily outpace any other opponent in the area.

However the mode is not without its drawbacks. For unknown reasons (possibly due to game mechanics), while in Intoner Mode, the user is not able to use any weapons besides their hands which significantly reduces range. Also, it would seem that the mode drains by each combo.

The mode is activated when the Intoner uses the blood on their attire and sings out loud. 

Known Users[]

Known users of Intoner Mode are as follows:

Power Amplification or Intoner Mode Mimic[]

There are a number of beings who have been seen using an ability that is a mimic of Intoner Mode or some sort of power amplification without it being the real thing. Including:


  • Standing near blood gushing from a giant enemy can refresh the Intoner Mode gauge.