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Imperial Fang is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


The sword of a man once called the "Holy Emperor." Effective vs. undead.


Accord's Shop; Branch C: Verse 1 (60900 Gold).


  • 8-Hit
  • Aerial 3-Hit
  • Template:Sigil Strike
  • Template:Sigil Burst
  • Maximum Spinslash: PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button
  • Template:Aerial Assault

Weapon History[]

Level 1
The warming breath of green granted fortune to all. The shining azure flow gave blessings to all. Flowers bloomed. Life teemed. It was a land of promise.

Level 2
Countless great forces waged war over the land, troubling and trampling its bounties. Soon, mountains of mangled corpses replaced the blessings of earlier, better days.

Level 3
Time passed. Trees grew over the bodies, and soon the cries of war were replaced by softly babbling brooks. Only a lone sword planted in the ground spoke of the terrible past.

Level 4
The young king drew the sword from the earth. "I claim this beautiful land as my own!" he said. Will the cycle begin anew? ...Alas, I must save that story for another time.

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