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The Unholy Altar is a church within the Imperial Capital and the main base of the Cult of the Watchers. The altar is a long and dark chapel with a bunk bed followed by a pile of Seeds at the altar. In Branch C, the bunk bed is crushed by one sole Seed.


Caim enters the altar and kills all of the imperial soldiers guarding Manah, leaving her defenseless. Before Caim could attack, Verdelet steps in and attempts to exorcise Manah of the possession. However, the Manah breaks free from the exorcism by growing to an enormous size, destroying the roof of the altar. After the battle, the Red Dragon, revealing her name to be Angelus, is made the new Goddess by Verdelet within the rubble of the church.

The Altar is visited once again in Branch C after the imperial dragons rebel against Manah and eat her. In accordance with her brethren, Red Dragon ends her pact with Caim and the two do battle in the altar. Caim ultimately emerges victorious and destroys the Seed and escapes the collapsing altar.

The altar is revisited again in Drakengard 2 as an apparition within Manah's mind.


  • The bunk bed likely belonged to Manah and Seere's prior to there separation.