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The Destroyed City is a location within the Imperial Capital. The city is the ruined remains of an imperial town and the home of the Unholy Altar.


The city is were many of the Seeds of Resurrection fall.

Caim and his party arrive in the city many times to reach the Altar in the City. In Branch B and C, they fight through hordes of enemies in order to prevent Inuart from putting Furiae's body into a Seed of Resurrection. If they fail, Furiae becomes a flock of flying monsters that emerge from the seeds. If they succeed, Inuart dies next to Furiae's body.

In Branch D, after the Watchers descend onto the city, Caim and his party try to survive the oncoming horrors. Arioch gives into madness after trying to eat one of the creatures and is devoured by them. In an attempt to help everyone escape, Leonard sacrifices himself to the hordes. At the entrance to the altar, Seere's pact with Golem breaks and is able to use his time to defeat the Queen.