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Together... Forever and ever and ever...
— Homunculus

The Homunculus is a large, white monster; a mutation of Two's orphaned children as a result of the Intoner's song. 


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Two and Cent opened an orphanage in order to take care of the children left behind by war, and Two loved them dearly.

On 25th of April, year 999, Cent and Two receive a message from Decadus about a serious problem within the Cathedral City, forcing the pair to go and investigate.

It is discovered that Cent had been careless with Two's magic, which negatively affected the soldiers within the Cathedral as well as the children specifically, turning them into the hideous monstrosity known as the Homunculus.

Upon killing the monster and putting the children out of their misery, Two's mind begins to crumble, reducing her to a fragile state. From then on, Cent vows to always protect Two.

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  • The tip of the Homunculus' tail consists of a human torso.
  • There have been many appearances of the Homunculus being in science, fiction, and music.