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Holy Mace

Holy Mace is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • It is not a lightweight item, but it inflicts a lot of damage. it will even throw large enemies to the ground.



  • Gabriel's Claw: Summons light from the heavens to converge into a beam that explodes on enemies.



  • Chapter 5, Verse 3
Destroy lots of enemies in ten minutes. The number and location isn't certain yet(more experimenting needed), people have reported different amounts. It appears you need to kill off enemies in the area around you, and possibly the enemies around the catapults. I personally unlocked it by killing as many enemies as fast as I could get with the dragon, 200, but you may go on foot and use allies as well

Weapon History[]

Level 1

This fanged ceremonial mace was presented to the hierarch of an ancient kingdom by his thirteen pupils. After the hierarch died, the nation broke down in chaos and strife.

Level 2

The young pupils tried to stay true to their master's teachings and avoid bloodshed. But still they fell one by one in the war, calling out helplessly for peace.

Level 3

Abhorring violence to the end and still refusing to wield the mace, the final remaining pupil was killed in battle.

Level 4

As the bloody mace fell, a great god weeping black tears descended from the heavens. He gathered the thirteen souls of the pupils, and in exchange,

cursed the mace with a frightful power.

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