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Three and Octa prepare to battle the Greater Gigantes

High Gigas, also known as Greater Gigantes, are a crossbreed of Gigas and humans created by the Intoner Three. Unlike regular Gigas, they are capable of speech, and mostly use it to curse the name of the Intoner. They only appear in the DLC "Three's Prologue."


High Gigas retain the same stature as their purebred cousins; however, their skin is entirely black (much like a regular Gigas when enraged) and they're incredibly massive, likely twice the height of a normal Gigas. Their bodies are covered in polished silver armor, and their weapon of choice is a jeweled mace of some sort.


These massive Gigas have some abilities that their smaller counterparts lack. They are extremely aggressive overall, and their maces are capable of causing massive rock spikes to ripple outward in a line towards their target. They will charge and relentlessly pursue Three until she finds cover. It is then recommended that you wait for them to pass by and sneak up on them, attacking their ankles. They will fall on the ground, exposing their weak point (their heart). It's also advised to try to split the two up, as their extremely destructive attacks are very hard to avoid when dealing with two at once.


  • Three mentions that she had to combine several humans to give the creatures emotions, as those are the source of human power. The strongest emotion, she found, was hatred. In order to harness the hatred of many people, she admittedly murdered a father in front of his family, and as they watched on in horror, she took the opportunity to turn them into "soldiers."
  • High Gigas will occasionally call out for their mother and father.